LANA Care For Mummy And Baby

lana care

The very first garment that touched my baby after he was born was made of organic merino wool by Lana Care.

When I was pregnant, Lana Care asked me if they could send me some woollen breast pads to try on. Now anyone who knows me will very well know that I am very careful about which brands I associate myself with and that I try my best to survive on products manufactured with a very high ethical value and are sustainable. I am in short a nature loving person and I like things to be as eco-friendly as possible. So when Lana Care offered me goodies, I simply couldn’t resist.

Lana Care is a small Danish company manufacturing a range of products for mothers and babies. Their product is made of world class organic merino wool

Lana Care, sent me a pair of breast pads, little booties and a bonnet for my little bub. I thought that was extremely generous of them. I was not expecting goodies for the baby at all. So that was a very pleasant surprise. On arrival, I was so impressed with the products. They were so soft and smelt so clean and pure. It basically smelt of nothing, not even of new fabric out of the factory (if you know what I mean). I could not wait to try them on my baby and myself. Infact, I was so desperate to use the breastpads, I was secretly hoping to leak a little as a lot of pregnant women apparently do.

I have to admit that I was a little skeptical about wool before. And, that is because I had no idea about this exquisite breed of sheep called Merino. I was also a little apprehensive about wool in general because I was having a spring baby. Somehow, when you think of spring you think cotton and linen NOT wool. But on doing further research, I learnt that wool especially a high quality wool like Merino has a unique quality of controlling body temperature in such a way that it keeps you warm in cold weather (as we all know) but it also keeps you cool in warm weather. So it is like having an in-built air-conditioning in your clothing.

Why Lana Care?


Because they love and care for their sheep. They do not use any pesticides on the pastures on which the sheep graze, they don’t spray any harsh chemicals on the wool nor do they treat the wool. The merino wool is as pure and natural as can be.

Mulesing Free:

For those who aren’t aware (I wasn’t),  mulesing is a very crude way of vaccinating the sheep to prevent them from a fly strike. Lana Care is strictly against this procedure, which I love!

Soft and Comfortable:

Merino Wool itself is very soft and fine. But Lana Care stitches the seams of it’s products on the outside, preventing them to rub directly on to the skin making it very soft on baby skin or sore boobs. Unlike other wool, merino wool is very soft and does not cause any itchiness to the skin, perfect for sensitive or eczema prone skin!

Let’s have a look at the products:


IMG_6922These little caps/bonnets are the cutest things I have in my baby’s wardrobe. I am a very big fan of bonnets on babies. Lana Care’s bonnet was the first thing my baby wore to keep him warm. My baby was born very small. He needed to be kept extra warm, and although I was skeptical about using wool on him before, I was actually thankful that I had them handy. They kept my baby nice and warm.

Over the next few weeks, I noticed how well my baby slept when wearing them. I think that was because it helped regulate his body temperature better. It kept him cool when too hot and vice-versa.

I was also very happy with the choice of colour – pale yellow. It was a soothing reminder of spring in it’s glory awaiting the summer.


lanaThese booties make me go ‘awww’ everytime. The soft green colour reminds me of the clean pastures on which the sheep graze on. These booties were my baby’s sock alternative. Newborn babies tend to have very cold feet and hands. As a new mother, no matter how many times the midwives reassure you that it is normal you want to make sure that they remain warm like yours. The risk is over-heating them by covering them up too much especially if you have a spring/summer baby. This is when these booties came handy. I used to pop them on everytime he wasn’t being swaddled to keep those little toes warm. I did it confidently even on a relatively warm day because I knew there was no risk of over-heating as they would keep him cool if his body temperature sore up.

Sizing of these boots are very practical. My baby was born small and hence had very tiny feet. None of the clothes we brought for him fit him. But these booties were a great fit. Although the boots had a lot of space in them to be filled, the woollen strings helped keep the booties on his feet nice and snug without coming off. Another miraculous thing about Merino wool I found was that they have a natural elasticity to them. So even now at week 16, when my baby should have grown out of these booties, these boots have enough give in them to last him for another few weeks (bear in mind my baby has stayed in these longer partly due to his small stature).




Breast pads were my breast-friends for a while, I have to say. They are super soft, completely breatheable, extremely absorbent and totally reusable.

The sizing of the breast pads are on the larger side I would say. I was sent a size small, and they fit charmingly on my C sized cups.

Although extremely absorbent (of sweat in my case), these breast pads do a lot more than simply absorbing moisture. I had/have no problems with leaking yet but I suffered badly with soreness on my nips nonetheless. I had cracked nipples for a while, then a recurring bleb and sore lumps from engorgement in the first few weeks.

The soft wool helped sooth my sore boobs a lot. A lot of nursing mothers would relate to hard nipples. Double it up with a crack or a bleb, have it rubbing against your t-shirt or a bra? Even worse your disposable paper/plastic breast pads = OUCH! Not with Lana Care’s BreastPads!

These reusable breast pads have natural lanolin in them. it means that you don’t necessarily have to apply additional lanolin on your nips to heal and sooth your soreness.

All the products are very easy to wash and requires minimum maintenance. I can’t wait to try them out in autumn/winter now. I am an absolute wool convert and a merino snob !


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