Babywearing in Hot Weather


For anyone who knows me and has been following me on instagram and what have you, I am rocking this babywearing thing like a pro! I might be addicted.

Babywearing is a really good way to bond with your baby. It makes them feel safe and hence keeps them calmer and best of all you can have your hands free to get on with some other things like laundry or blogging for that matter.

In winter it is a very good way to keeping yourself and the baby warm but what about summer time? Recently the weather has been very hot and humid. A lot of us have struggled babywearing. But my job involves walking dogs, there is no way I could push a pram and walk dogs. Sling is my only friend. So I came up with a few tricks to keep me and baby safe and cool in hot weather.

  1. Parasols: Shade is the best way to keep us from over-heating. But it isn’t always easy to find one. So make one!. Parasols are a great way to protect your scalp(easily forgotten) from the harsh sun light and UV rays. A normal parasol will do but then there are some special summer parasols available with UV protection too. You may appear a bit looney carrying an umbrella in summer but hey-ho it serves a purpose.
  2. Caps: My baby wears a cap all the time. I wear hats when not using parasols. We lose heat very easily from our head and we increase our chances of a sunstroke if we don’t protect our head from direct sunlight. So, use hats! They look cool too.
  3. Gel Ice Packs: My sling has a little pouch in it so I put a mini ice gel pack in it. It is a great way to keep the sling cool. And if you are using a wrap, there are so many layers in it, that you can hide an ice pack in there pretty easily. Having an ice pack is so nice in summer days, they are so multi-functional. You can use it to keep your picnic cool, apply them on your pressure points to cool down and also help soothe bruises when you kid fall off that slide at the park.
  4. Rose Water: I,personally find rose water very refreshing and cooling. I carry it everywhere with me for a quick spritz. I think it is also a good after-sun spritz. My 15 weeks old loves it when we apply rose water on his face.
  5. Water Wipes: Good old water wipes! They are so versatile in use. I give myself and my baby a quick wipe to cool ourselves down during our long walks on a sunny day.
  6. Less is more: For a babywearing mama and baby, less is more. Don’t layer up. Remember that the baby and the sling serves as an additional layer. Dress in natural fabrics like cotton, wear lighter shades and if you have a cloth nappy baby then don’t even bother with trousers for him. Just a vest or a t-shirt with cloth nappy would suffice.
  7. Sunscreen: Very important! Especially if you are applying, “less is more” in your dressing.
  8. Water: Stay hydrated! If you are breastfeeding, this is paramount. Your baby does not need water, your breastmilk is enough. But please make sure you stay hydrated. Your baby may have a lot of short drinks just like us they will get thirsty but NOT for water. Water is for mama, breastmilk is for the baba.

I hope the above tips are useful. Please stay safe and enjoy the sunshine.



Snugglebundl – Review

My new go to product!

Apart from new clothes, there is only one other new thing I brought for my little one – Snugglebundl.

I met the genius behind this amazing product at the Baby Show in Excel last year. He demonstrated the benefits of this blanket and we were convinced right there and then.

This blanket is so much more than a blanket. It is the father of all blankets. This blanket has a padded head/neck support and a handle which makes it darn easy to move the baby from one place to another.

It is versatile, that it is a must have for every new parent. It is also a product that you can proudly pass on or gift to people.


I use it to put Abraham Roshan into the car seat without hurting my back and take him out without waking him (as the head support prevents his head to tilt back). This way I can avoid the arduous task of carrying a car seat all over the place.


I also use it as a breastfeeding cover, when I think there’s too many distractions and Abe needs to concentrate on feeding.


I also use it to swaddle him up with the little tie string that is attached on it. It has a 100% cotton inner lining making it complete breathable and safe. It is also, machine washable and can be thrown into a tumble dryer if need be. I prefer air-drying in summer for that fresh sun-kissed smell.

I think it is particularly helpful for people with back ache and especially mums who had a c-section. You don’t need to bent over to lift up your baby, thereby avoiding putting pressure on your sore spots or stitches.

I would recommend this product to all new parents with ease. It comes slightly dearer at £39.99 but it is one of those products that you can easily pass on to family or friends. I am gifting it to all new mama’s that I am aware of, makes a good change from giving someone newborn clothes half of which never gets used.