Kids Say The Funniest Things….

Parenting is fun, sometimes!

When they start talking, they talk a lot. They say ‘NO’ for everything, that phase is then taken over by the phase of asking ‘why’ and subsequently they put you on a spot when they ask you questions about the birth, God and Santa Clause (or lack of a chimney in the house). But then there are times their curiosity along with their imagination and innocence produce the most hilarious questions or ideas ever.

Recently, we had two funny incidences.

We were in a bus in London, and a Muslim family boarded in. The females were wearing their traditional black burka and hijab.


Reuben who is seven whispered into my husbands ear,

‘Daddy, we have robbers travelling in this bus with us.‘ (I never thought of the Muslim attire that way before)


Another incident took place at the Notting Hill Carnival. We watched the parade go past and every participating group was grinding and whining as one can imagine. My very social kids were overwhelmed with the crowd, music and this outrageous form of dancing that they’d never witnessed before. I was wondering why weren’t they dancing or even smiling until…


Reuben nudged me to bend down and lend my ears for him to whisper something to me. And he said,

“Black people like SEXing a lot” (I think my kids thought I brought them to some orgy and not a festival where people danced, there was no dancing according to Reuben, just SEXing) ;p

It was thankfully only a statement and not a question, although I explained him that well it is a form of dance actually. But nevermind that!

What funny things do your kids say/said that have you in stitches? 


Notting Hill Carnival 2014

We are very spontaneous people and so, when mamma bear realised on last saturday that it was the Notting Hill Carnival we started preparing for the Sunday Family Day. But trip to London with two young children is not always very appetizing especially when it is that time of the month when you are twiddling your fingers awaiting for payday.

But bored out of our minds last weekend, we decided to make a budget trip to the Carnival and guess what we did it all in just £35.

We packed picnic = money saved on food

We even carried our own water bottles

Petrol = £25

Roasted Sweet Corn = £5

Pint for Hubby = £3

Luckily, we had some credit on our Oyster Cards. We parked our car in a SECRET location where parking is free. (No I am not telling)

And using our Oyster Cards, hopped on a bus to the Carnival!

Carnival wasn’t as pompous and grandiose as I had expected, people were not even in their costumes. But it the last day of a three day long carnival, everyone was tired and hungover – perhaps they decided not to wear costumes after all. A bit of a shame for the kids!

It was a good photo-opportunity nonetheless. (Most of them are quite shaky, the crowd was quite pushy)

We made Sushi for street snacking

We made Sushi for street snacking




We also packed some homemade Mackerel Noodle Salad for Lunch along with Bagels, Cream Cheese and some Banana Cake for pudding

We also packed some homemade Mackerel Noodle Salad for Lunch along with Bagels, Cream Cheese and some Banana Cake for pudding


We had our lunch after parking the car.

We had our lunch after parking the car.




After a 45 minutes bus ride, here we were!! Notting Hill Carnival

After a 45 minutes bus ride, here we were!! Notting Hill Carnival


Notting Hill Festival

Notting Hill Festival






...and it started to get a bit too loud and less children friendly so we decided to walk out

…and it started to get a bit too loud and less children friendly so we decided to walk out








|It was colourful, lively and full of loud music. I loved it so much that I have decided to go to the festival without the children next year! Selfish!!! 🙂

Did you go the Notting Hill Festival or any other recently?

Pencil Skirt – Glamorous yet Elegant


I am not a very skirt friendly person, to be honest. But recently, I have conjured up some fashion courage to sport some skirts!

This particular pencil skirt is from Primark – who would have thought?! Cheap, elegant, fits perfectly and look, it gives me some legs too!

I teamed it up with a black vest and patterned scarf, all from Primark.

With a pair of tights and a nice jumper, it would make for a glamorous autumn wear. Alternatively, a jacket will make it perfectly appropriate for office goers.



Ear- Rings: Street Stall of Mumbai

Bag: Next

Shoes:New Look


Breakfast Recipe: Vegetable Hash With Eggs On Top


The easiest breakfast to make for my two little ones is a bowl of cheerios with milk and porridge, daddy is known to make pancakes and every now and then, I attempt at making Parathas (Indian savoury pancakes).

My children devour all of the easy no fuss breakfast, which makes me less guilty of having not made such an effort in the morning. I am not a morning momma!

But today was different, unlike other mornings, I for a change fancied breakfast! And I don’t appreciate eating sweet stuff. So I decided to pull my mummy socks up and prepared hot savoury breakfast…


1 medium sized chopped onions

1 big carrot sliced

2 courgettes sliced

1 big baking potato sliced (I used 6 baby potato)

3 cloves of garlic

2 bay leaves

4 free range eggs

1 tsp dried oregano

Salt, Sugar & Pepper to taste

Good glug of olive oil


Preheat the oven on gas mark 6.

In a saucepan, heat the oil. Add the bay leaves, onions and garlic. Sauté till translucent, and then add potatoes and carrots. Once the potatoes are nearly cooked, add courgettes and other dried ingredients. I added some left over spinach but that’s optional.

Remove the pan from the heat and make four separate wells in between the hash for poaching the eggs. Now break the eggs in the holes and put the pan in the oven for about 10 minutes or until everything goes golden brown and eggs are cooked.

Serve hot with freshly baked bread or with wraps as we did!




Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm – Review

As  a mummy of two humans and two dogs, there is a lot of washing up, picking up poo’s, laundry and general cleaning to do which involves putting hands in water causing your hands to dry a lot.

I have struggled for years finding a nice hand cream, but Aesop’s Resurrection Hand Balm is just perfect!


Mandarin, Rosemary, lavender and Cedarwood gives this hand cream a very herbal aroma. It smells natural, earthy and refreshing!

Aesop Resurrection Hand Balm has a very thick and creamy texture which helps the balm spread evenly all over. It absorbs easily into the skin without being greasy.

Its aroma has a great longevity as well. After applying it in the morning, I drop the kids off to school and walk the dogs on the beach, playing fetch which involves grabbing slobbery balls and throwing them, yet I can smell the cream on my hands when I am home.


I especially love the packaging, it comes in a metal tube making it appear very old fashioned, reminds me of my childhood days when toothpastes used to come in metal tubes. As you use the cream more and more, the tube gets bumpy and quite beaten up but I like it that way! Just beware that if it gets too bumpy, it may crack and cause leakage!

I recommend using it overnight, it makes your hands especially soft and hydrated. It does resurrect your hands and nails as it claims – no joke!

Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm is a little bit pricey (£19 for 75ml) than other commercial goo sold in stores. But I would spend that kind of money easily on a cream as good as this one!

My father in law introduced me to this cream and so I can highly recommend this hand cream for both males and females.

It has become a staple present from my father in law and his wife, that they give me on their annual visit to our home from Australia. So far, I never had to buy one myself before I got another one presented as this cream lasts a long time. Hence, £19 every year or twice a year can’t be much for a cream that pampers your hands just the way you like it! 🙂

Have you tried any AESOP products? Which one is your favourite?






Blog of the Week: My Dirty ‘Mummy’ Secrets

This blog made me laugh…I am sure a lot of mums out there can relate to it 🙂

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Blog_of_the_week_badgeThis week’s Blog of the Week is a little gem of honesty. If you have ever put your pyjamas on at 3pm, or call checking in on Facebook ‘Mummy’s Work’, then you’ll want to read this post!

Here are Brummy Mummy of Two‘s Dirty Mummy Secrets – so come on – what are yours?!


Since I’ve become a parent there are a host of things that I have done that I am super proud of. I love my children, I take care of them quite well I think, and 95% of the time I am in charge of them we have a grand old time. But? There is that 5% that I have not been proud off. In fact? I’m downright embarrassed with myself. So I thought I would come clean. Offer other Mothers in similar shameful circumstances someone they can relate to. Reveal all my dirty ‘Mummy’…

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