Are we there yet? Welsh Camping 2015

A holiday together was long overdue! We spent past few years, moving houses, getting married and doing up our new house – atleast starting on it! So this year, we finally decided to embark on an adventure. For the first time in five years, we managed to go on a holiday together. Lack of money and my visa restrictions motivated us to go camping. And boy, that was fun!

Our children had never been camping in the past, so this was a great big adventure for them and our pooches . We chose the Welsh Highlands of Porthmadog in North Wales. I, personally had no idea how or what Wales was like, but my husband nagged me into believing it was one of the best places to be camping. And, I saw why as soon as we drove up the hills, through the winding roads with spectacular scenery that surrounded us; we were enamoured by the massive expanse of it’s sea coast and I, was particularly taken by the friendly, enthusiastic and helpful people of Porthmadog.

There was a lot to do in town but we stuck to our campsite that walked straight into the Black Rock Sands. It was HUGE and it had a dog friendly end to it which almost seemed bigger than the non-dog friendly end of the bay, very convenient for families who were traveling with pets. We spent 5 days lounging about the beach and climbing great big mountains and relaxing basically. We even made some good friends at the campsite and celebrated our dear Irene’s 7th birthday on the beach!

Here are some of the pictures for you to have a sneak peak at our holiday:

just arrived

Just arrived, tent is set up and now time for cuppa!

start climbing

steam railway

on top

snack break

smug face

Smug face, for being the first one to climb up the hill.

sibling love

There is no shame Rustle, if you can't handle those nettles!!

There is no shame Rustle, if you can’t handle those nettles!!

proud moment for Ed


well achieved

little hiker

intrepid Irene

climb no 2

best one


crazy hair

hand stand

more action

bon fire

Irene's birthday

cutie pie


don't turn your back

That is how we cramped everything and everyone into our tiny car.

That is how we cramped everything and everyone into our tiny car.

I hope you enjoyed looking at our experiences. Let me know about your summer holidays and camping experiences!