GHD V Gold Max Kit – Review


I haven’t done a review of a product for a long time. Well, I don’t buy things that often and certainly haven’t been blown away by any products I have brought recently. But my new GHD hair straightener has totally impressed me beyond my expectations.


I have naturally dry and frizzy hair (I blame those teenage years of colouring and permanent straightening attempts). Having realised my mistake, I obviously stopped colouring my hair but the damage was done. Thereafter, I couldn’t simply wash and dry my hair. I had to straighten it up every single day.

With two kids and two dogs on toe all the time, I needed a hair straightener that won’t take a very long time to straighten my hair but last a long time. In the past, all my hair straighteners would not only fail to get rid of ALL my curls, but also fail to take the frizz away .


GHD V was a revelation. When I went to my new hairdresser, she recommended me GHD V Gold kit that came with a GHD classic gold styler, two hair sectioning clips, heat protector spray and a GHD paddle brush.

The wide gold plates glide through my thick long frizzy hair effortlessly, leaving it shiny and straight for a very long time. I know I am supposed to section them but as a mother of two, I sometimes cheat and simply glide the sitraighterner over my hair randomly until I can’t see any frizz left. With GHD V Gold Styler, it takes me only 5 to 10 minutes to straighten my hair and it lasts pretty much until my next wash, making it a healthier choice as I don’t have to expose my hair to the heat everyday like in the past.

GHD V Gold styler has only one heat setting which is convenient. The style never gets so hot to burn your hair (unless ofcourse you hold it on one spot for a very long time). It automatically turns itself off if not in use for 30 minutes and has an universal voltage capacity making it an ideal styler for professionals who travel a lot.

What I also like about this styler is that it straightens up my hair very quickly and easily without making it greasy. In the past, the heat would cause my scalp to release excess oil, thereby forcing me to wash my hair more frequently than I’d prefer. With GHD styler, I can go on for a day or two longer before washing my hair again.

This is a perfect styler for a beginner and professionals alike I would say. Now, all I have to do is look up online how to style my hair with this straightener. Can’t wait to flaunt my long manageable hair this summer (without having to spent hours in front of the mirror wrestling with the frizz).



This is not a sponsored post.