Waldorf Window Star


I love these window stars inspired by Waldorf Schools. These are traditionally made with kite paper and when stuck on the window, colourful lights reflect through it into your room. It not only makes the room festive but also bring a sense of warmth and cosiness in the room.

I have a step to step guide for you incase you wanted to make these. Here I am showing a demo with origami squares but kite papers gives the best result.

You will need:

8 Kite paper/origami squares

Pva glue or double sided tape

Step 1


Fold the square into half. Open and repeat by folding the other two ends.

Step 2


Fold all four corners into the center

Step 3


Now fold two corners in a way that it makes a straight line in the middle and resembles a cone.

Step 4


Repeat this with 7 other pieces.

Step 5


Now glue the 8 pieces together with the folded sides facing down.

Step 6


Let it dry for a few hours, ideally overnight.

Step 7


Stick them on the window with some double sided tape or any transparent tape.

I hope you found this tutorial helpful. Let me know how you like these stars.

P.S: You can always use leftover wrappig papers, newspapers or your own paintings or your kids artwork to nake these. They won’t reflect as well as the kit paper but will still make for a magical experience nonetheless.


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