Pregnancy Skincare – Pure Nuff Care Review

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You know how they talk about the “glow” during pregnancy? It isn’t true for all of us. My skin suffered a lot due to hypermesis. I am blessed with naturally healthy skin, hair and nails but this pregnancy took a huge toll on my skin leaving it dehydrated and itchy. Having a rigorous skincare routine and products is what has helped my skin survive the drying season of autumn.

I am a huge fan of natural products that are not tested on animals. and two of the brands that I have been using offer me just that. But today, I will be talking about my most indulgent and loved skincare range, Pure Nuff Care.

Pure Nuff Care is a small company based in Cornwall making some of the most luxurious blends of body oil and creams. One other thing that dominates my life at the moment are smells. Luckily, the fragrance of Pure Nuff products are simply so comforting except for the bump rub massage oil. I presume it has avocado oil, which isn’t my friend at the moment.

I use three of their products pretty regularly;

Eczema blend for my kids – it worked wonders overnight. My kids felt it’s soothing effects right away. The smell isn’t for me but that is just the pregnancy restriction I am sure, my kids don’t seem to mind at all. Every time, they feel the rash showing up again, they quickly run up to the bathroom and dab a bit of cream on.

My personal favourite include intensive body cream rich with shea butter, cocoa butter and apricot kernel oil. I have it scented in tantra blend of rose, patchouli and ylang ylang. It is so light, I even apply  it on my face but I am tempted to order their face moisturiser.

My second favourite product is their body oil with an invigorating blend of basil, lemon and cedarwood. My husband has been using this oil to massage my sore back and tired legs. They offer relaxation whilst keeping the skin soft like a  baby.  This oil also works wonders on your hair or a drop in your bath for the ultimate heavenly feeling.

All of their products are very light and non-greasy. It seeps into your skin immediately without leaving any stains on your clothes which I love. They offer a range of scents but can also make them unscented if you so desire. I love small business for offering such personalised services.

What I particularly liked about this company is their service. They sent me a hand written note apologising for not having one of the products in stock and reassuring that it will be on it’s way soon. Somehow the personal note made me feel like someone really cared for me and about their business. I am definitely going back for more and can’t wait to explore their Mother & Baby Care products.