The Little Stour Orchard – Apples for All!

Little Stour Orchard - Apple Picking Weekend 2013

Little Stour Orchard – Apple Picking Weekend 2013

The glory of autumn is upon us and what better way than to spend the weekend apple picking with your family!

The Little Stour Orchard is based just outside Canterbury in a small village called Stourmouth, Kent. Every weekend Sarah and Micky, the owners of the orchard lay out a smorgasbord of food and tea/cakes (made by Sarah) for whoever wishes to help picking apples.

Local Produce

Apple Juice, Cider, Vinegar

This weekend I and my family decided to spent the entire day at the Little Stour Orchard picking Bramley apples and luscious red Discoveries that make those delicious pink apple juices. I always wondered why do they turn pink but only just discovered yesterday that the fruit itself is pink as you bite into it, call me daft!

Mitch and Mungo

Midge and Mungo

Sarah and Micky not only welcome your hard-working toddlers but also welcome your very mischievous dogs running around the orchard keeping themselves busy chasing rabbits or eating LOTS of apples.

My toddlers loved a ride around the orchard on their tractor while Rustle, our little pooch romanced in the company of Midge and Mungo, the terriers of the orchard.

Irene driving as a pro

Irene driving like a pro

After filling up almost 8 big crates of apples, we finished the day with a nice cup of tea (of course cider was on the tap for the ones who are very particular about their beverages) and delicious apple and banana cake that Sarah made very lovingly for us. And if you are a fan of cider vinegar, do start a conversation with Micky and he will give you a narrative on all the health goodies that are in an apple and much more in cider vinegar. While the vinegar rhapsody was on, I slipped into a daydream, staring at the dogs play and when my ears pricked back to reality, I realised Micky was still talking about the health benefits of vinegar and before I knew it, we were having shots of vinegar like some fine wine.

So what do you really get out of this day? To each its own but I had a great time meeting all these new people who come from varied fields of interests, hassle free outing for the entire family with minimum juggling of child-care, dog sitting and a big giant pot of apple crumble from the Bramley’s we hand-picked for the evening.

There is something for everyone out there. Whether it is introducing your children to nature (especially for the ones who have no garden or woodlands around), experiencing a life of a hard-working farmer (controversial) or simply meeting new people, trying out freshly picked apples, pressed juices and not to forget the cider VINEGAR. It is worth a visit and I will recommend it to everyone who is either local or visiting Kent to go and spend some time at the orchard.

Please contact Sarah and book a visit in advance (as they don’t necessarily pick apples every weekend). Send them an email on

They can also be contacted either through their website or on twitter (they are very tech-mod).

So when are you going apple picking?