Natal Hynotherapy, Cravings and Pregnancy Advice

Baby Targett

One thing a pregnant woman can’t get enough of is pregnancy advice! I haven’t had the best start to my pregnancy. I was suffering from extreme morning sickness, ptyalism or hypersalivation, rapid weight loss, dehydration and fatigue to a point that I had to take a month off from work and finally get on medication. I felt like a failure having to give in to the medication but after 3 months of long suffering, it was the best choice for my baby, my family and I.

Although I had a lot of support from all family members and sympathies from all my friends, I was fed up to a point where everybody thought they knew how to resolve my suffering or the fact that they all believed that their morning sickness was the same as mine.

Hypermesis is less known and researched side of pregnancy. It is underrated and misunderstood. It is not just an extreme case of morning sickness, where you throw up a few times a day and can carry on. It is when you throw up 20 to 30 times a day, cannot stand on your own feet, you can’t keep food or drinks down for even more than a second and you throw up until there is nothing left; just bile and blood! It is not pleasant at all. Although my husband was a great support, I would be lying if I’d say that it wasn’t testing us. My husband was being the housewife and the mother that I am to our two children, and my nurse whilst keeping his full time job.

I don’t want to moan but all I would like to say is that if you hear someone suffer so much in their pregnancy, don’t just assume that it is what you may have gone through or it to be just another symptom. Sometimes a lack of empathy and an honest admission of that is more comforting than asking the patient to take another bite of ginger biscuit.

My best friend Ashleigh said to me, “I am sorry I can’t empathise as I didn’t have any of these symptoms”; and somehow those words were music to my ears. Finally, someone isn’t pretending to know it all.

And this very friend, also introduced me to Natal Hypnotherapy. She gave me a pregnancy relaxation CD by Maggie Howell, founder of Natal Hypnotherapy. Half way through the CD, I went into a deep state of relaxation and fell fast asleep. For a long time, I hadn’t felt so good in my pregnancy at all. When I woke up, I was full of energy and positive about everything. My husband claimed that my skin was glowing and my eyes were sparkling.

I have been listening to the CD once everyday and it revitalises my senses and make me feel all optimistic. I am interested in ordering their yet another self-hypnosis CD that prepares you for home-birthing.

Natal Hypnotherapy is picking up in trend but is also widely misunderstood in my experience. Natal hypnosis has nothing to do with someone swinging a pendulum in front of you to send you into a hypnotic zone, you don’t become anybody’s rag-doll! It simply helps you to enter into your subconscious state where you are separated from all your anxieties and worries from your conscious world; thereby taking you into a world of complete relaxation. You are still very much in control and aware of your surroundings but in a very positive and optimistic sense.

My doula pointed out the risk of hynotherapy  being received around the world, with a misconception of painless birthing. Well I am sure there is nothing called painless birth. The one’s who claim to have had no pain, either have worked on their selves, have amazing pain threshold or simply got lucky. Natal Hynobirthing does not claim to guarantee you a painless birth, but what it helps is for one to achieve a sense of relaxation, it helps to control our anxieties and fears which are one of the major causes of pain and it almost distracts you from the pain but that is not to say that there won’t be any pain. Hopefully, with some techniques and practicing of relaxation, one may not suffer from post-labour trauma as much as one would if they hadn’t learnt to relax and let go.  That is my understanding and I will be able to speak more through experience later on as my pregnancy progresses and after the birth of my baby.

After having a rough start, Natal Hynotherapy has brought a positively into my pregnancy thus far. Also, with help of medication I am now eating and drinking without throwing up. I finally feel like a pregnant woman, who is always hungry. I recently went to an Asian grocery shop and brought a load of things that looked interesting : Raw unripe mangoes, custard apples, flat rice flakes, Jalebi (Indian sickly sweet dessert) and dates. I will be sharing my recipe of whatever I make with raw unripe mangoes soon.

I don’t have any particular cravings but I do prefer salty and pungent food more than sweet, although I do crave sweets from time to time. Every day is different and interesting. Everyday that I don’t throw up is a day to celebrate. I have started working again and hopefully can blog more regularly.

Let me know if any of you readers have tried Natal Hynotherapy ?