Snugglebundl – Review

My new go to product!

Apart from new clothes, there is only one other new thing I brought for my little one – Snugglebundl.

I met the genius behind this amazing product at the Baby Show in Excel last year. He demonstrated the benefits of this blanket and we were convinced right there and then.

This blanket is so much more than a blanket. It is the father of all blankets. This blanket has a padded head/neck support and a handle which makes it darn easy to move the baby from one place to another.

It is versatile, that it is a must have for every new parent. It is also a product that you can proudly pass on or gift to people.


I use it to put Abraham Roshan into the car seat without hurting my back and take him out without waking him (as the head support prevents his head to tilt back). This way I can avoid the arduous task of carrying a car seat all over the place.


I also use it as a breastfeeding cover, when I think there’s too many distractions and Abe needs to concentrate on feeding.


I also use it to swaddle him up with the little tie string that is attached on it. It has a 100% cotton inner lining making it complete breathable and safe. It is also, machine washable and can be thrown into a tumble dryer if need be. I prefer air-drying in summer for that fresh sun-kissed smell.

I think it is particularly helpful for people with back ache and especially mums who had a c-section. You don’t need to bent over to lift up your baby, thereby avoiding putting pressure on your sore spots or stitches.

I would recommend this product to all new parents with ease. It comes slightly dearer at £39.99 but it is one of those products that you can easily pass on to family or friends. I am gifting it to all new mama’s that I am aware of, makes a good change from giving someone newborn clothes half of which never gets used.




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