A Letter To Baby Ro On His Birthday



Happy Birthday Roshan!

You are one already. It just feels like yesterday that I gave birth to you and was having sleepless nights, not because you won’t sleep but I couldn’t stop looking at you in awe. It still feels surreal that you made me experience motherhood like never before.

You have been the easiest baby. You came to this world without causing mama any pain, and you have lived for an entire year so far and have not caused mama any trouble in any form. I had a terrible pregnancy. I was worried for you because I could not eat or drink for the first six months, but you came out with a very loud pair of lungs and energy that is so infectious. You light up everybody’s day and your smile, just heart warming.


Everybody knows you as the “happiest” baby in the world. On your birthday, we all started the day by having an early morning breakfast as daddy had to shoot off to work unfortunately. We opened some presents and daddy read you a book.


Later on, we went to the grove ferry with Reuben and Irene and the dogs. The park was empty and the sun was shinning. There were dandelions all around. You had a nice sleep in the sling.


When you woke up, you insisted we sat down. We played tickles with you, Irene made you a bouquet of wild flowers, you loved playing with dandelions. We watched a lot of birds together and you even tried to play ball with Pepper. In the afternoon, we visited Flo’s house and invited them to come over for some tea and cake at our house. Mama made you a nice chocolate cake (you devoured it). We sang you happy birthday, even daddy joined us on video call. It was so precious.


Party cake by Kim

Your birthday celebrations did not stop at that. On the weekend, we threw you a huge birthday party. A lot of friends came to see you from far and wide. You were showered with so much love and presents. To be honest, you were slightly overwhelmed and the teething had given you a temperature, so you couldn’t be your own self that day. But people loved to see you nonetheless and enjoyed a lot.

This entire year has gone so quickly. You have learnt so much in just one year. There were so many moments that I have cherished with you. Some of them are already fading in my memory. But here are some of the fun facts that I remember about you and I know you would like to know them when you grow up. This is some of  the ways you have about you that makes you so special:

  1. You love to feed everyone whatever that is you are eating.
  2. You are really the happiest baby we have ever seen. You must have cried less than 10 times in the entire year (most of which was for legit reasons like temperature, teething, falling etc). I honestly, remember three such instances: once when I accidentally burnt you. So sorry! Once when you were teething and had a temperature and once when you fell for the first time.
  3. Babies have a reputation for not sleeping well or waking up in the middle of the night all active and hyper. But you have never done that. You wake up for night feeds, but you have literally never woken up with your eyes open wanting to be taken down to play or chat etc. We all sleep through the night pretty much.
  4. Recently you have developed a new attachment towards daddy. You prefer to sleep in between the both of us, roll over to me for some milk and then roll back over to sleep with daddy. It is so endearing!
  5. You never threw up, not even whilst burping after a feed. Burp cloth? What is that for?!
  6. You tell us off or whinge or even start to cry everytime Pepper is told off. Pepper gets away with murder these days, all thanks to you.
  7. You also have learnt the trick to feed the dogs under the table. You are so cheeky that you call the dogs even when they are in their beds to come and eat food from you.
  8. It is no surprise your first proper word happens to be Pepper. You do say mamma and babba, but it is still all babbles but when you say Pepper it is very intentional, articulate and full of effort.
  9. Your second favourite thing in the world after Pepper are birds. You are fascinated by them. You can point them out and say, “buuuuuuuds”. If we ask you where is the bird, you find them and then point out to say, “theeeyyhh” Awwww (melts my heart)
  10. Your favourite song to watch happens to be this bollywood song called, “bum bum bole” from “taarein zameen pe”. If you find anyone on the laptop or phone, you start saying, “umm umm, umm ummm” and do a little bounce bounce as if you want them to put the song on so you can dance.
  11. You are very gentle with cats and dogs. You have never once pinched them or scratched them or pulled their tails. Unlike your mama, you really like cats. Cats love you too. So far, all cats have rolled over for you including the stray ones. I hope it stays that way!
  12. You are obsessed with daddy’s guitar. He is the coolest rockstar for you. You almost have a baby crush on him. You relate to the “beep beep” song that he used to play when you were in mama’s belly.
  13. You also have a quirky way of eating your biscuit. You love dipping it in my tea. It has to be done!
  14.  You have always woken up just as mama sat down to eat. No seriously, every single time! Every single time! No seriously!
  15. You have one very annoying habit of twiddling with my other nipple whilst feeding on the other. If I move your hand, you boss me out by shouting.
  16. You have recently learnt to crawl up the stairs, and you love to climb all three storeys to get to Reuben’s room and play with his toys. You enjoy taking all his books off the shelf and empty his lego box and mess up his entire room.
  17. You love emptying all the cupboards in the kitchen. Well all babies do, but what you like the most is putting them back in. By the time you finish, the cupboard is a mess but you know what, they are all in the cupboard and I am grateful that I don’t have to do it.
  18. You also love emptying the washing machine for me. So after a wash I sometimes put you in front of the machine with a bucket, and you very happily empty it out for me. So thank you. Wonder how long will this last! I hope forever!

Honestly, the list could go on and on. There are just so many little details I don’t want to forget but I know I will with time. I hope you and I can read this together in the future and have a laugh about it.

We all love you so much. You have brought so much love to us all. You are the one who makes us a family. I hope you feel loved all your life and you carry on giving just the way you do at the moment.













How to tame frizzy hair – Autumn/Winter Hair Care Routine

Photo on 30-09-2014 at 11.38 #2

If your hair goes all frizzy and puffy the moment you step out of the comfort of your well-heated home, this post might be helpful.

I am about to talk and introduce eight different products, so brace yourself!

And no there is no easy or quick way to tame your frizz. If you have frizzy hair, it means a change in lifestyle! You have to be prepared to spend at least 20 to 30 minutes after your shower, drying and styling your hair. And a good 10 to 15 minutes in the morning as well, regardless of what style you opt for. The only easiest and quickest thing without straightening my hair every morning, is tidying it up in a bun! But even then I can see fly-aways.

Photo on 30-09-2014 at 11.37 #2

So here is what I do.

1. Haircut – This is a no brainer! Regular hair trim is even more vital during this season. One of the two big reasons for frizzy hair is split ends, apart from the dry weather. Getting rid of those split ends, is half the job done!


2.Shampoo/Conditioner/Scrub – I am not very particular about my shampoo really. Popular notions suggests, people with dull, dry hair must opt for a product without sulphate. I couldn’t find one in the stores, so I brought what smelt nice!

At the moment, the miracle worker in the shower is Garnier’s Ultimate Blends range with Vanilla and Papaya . It smells so divine, you just want to chill it and eat it, but don’t!

It says it is for mid – long hair with split ends. Perfect for me. Also, one of the coolest things the range offers is a scrub. I have never heard of a scrub for your hair before but this sounded interesting. And so after shampooing and conditioning, I use the scrub and gently massage it on to the tips of my hair, slowly working myself up but not touching the roots.

One other important tip and part of this shampooing ritual is that I use relatively colder water on my hair compared to the rest of my shower. I think that helps too! I won’t get technical as to why – use your friend google! 🙂


3. Blowdrying: Your hair will not behave if it’s not dry and no you cannot enjoy the luxury of air drying it. I know sounds unfair but it is true. That is why people like me, don’t like it when it rains on our head! We can’t dry and straighten our hair on the road and hence, end up with frizz and puff! Frustrating!

As soon as I get out of the shower, I massage a few drops of Morrocan Oil into my scalp and rub the leftover on the rest of the hair. Don’t be scared of the oil, frizzy hair needs moisture and oil does exactly that (chose your own favt. oil). Then I spray a little bit of Tresseme’s Blow Dry Lotion with heat protector before blow drying my hair.

4. Straighten/Curl: At this stage, depending on what I prefer I style my hair. I prefer straightening these days as it lasts longer than the waves. Once styled I gently apply Body Care Grapeseed Glossing Serum for the shine. It settled down the fly – aways and leaves the hair shiny and fragrant.

5. Dry Shampoo: In between my washes, I use Batiste Dry Shampoo and Loreal Elvive Full Restore Leave In Conditioner (Don’t go mad with it, I use it only if I feel my hair is going flat and extremely oily, a little bit of oilyness is frizzy hair’s best friend).

I know it sounds like a lot of products and labour intensive, because IT IS!! But it is worth it.

People with dry/dull and frizzy hair aren’t supposed to wash their hair as frequently as others. But in the past my hair would go frizzy in a matter of 24 hours and I was forced to wash and style my hair all over again. But with this new routine, I can go on for three days without washing my hair. I only wash my hair twice a week I would say. I do have to give my hair a quick press every morning though, and a dab of serum for the shine.

I have spent years trying to find a hair care routine that actually works, but I think I have finally figured that one out!

I hope you find this post helpful.

This was not a sponsored post. If you liked it, please leave a comment below.


Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm – Review

As  a mummy of two humans and two dogs, there is a lot of washing up, picking up poo’s, laundry and general cleaning to do which involves putting hands in water causing your hands to dry a lot.

I have struggled for years finding a nice hand cream, but Aesop’s Resurrection Hand Balm is just perfect!


Mandarin, Rosemary, lavender and Cedarwood gives this hand cream a very herbal aroma. It smells natural, earthy and refreshing!

Aesop Resurrection Hand Balm has a very thick and creamy texture which helps the balm spread evenly all over. It absorbs easily into the skin without being greasy.

Its aroma has a great longevity as well. After applying it in the morning, I drop the kids off to school and walk the dogs on the beach, playing fetch which involves grabbing slobbery balls and throwing them, yet I can smell the cream on my hands when I am home.


I especially love the packaging, it comes in a metal tube making it appear very old fashioned, reminds me of my childhood days when toothpastes used to come in metal tubes. As you use the cream more and more, the tube gets bumpy and quite beaten up but I like it that way! Just beware that if it gets too bumpy, it may crack and cause leakage!

I recommend using it overnight, it makes your hands especially soft and hydrated. It does resurrect your hands and nails as it claims – no joke!

Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm is a little bit pricey (£19 for 75ml) than other commercial goo sold in stores. But I would spend that kind of money easily on a cream as good as this one!

My father in law introduced me to this cream and so I can highly recommend this hand cream for both males and females.

It has become a staple present from my father in law and his wife, that they give me on their annual visit to our home from Australia. So far, I never had to buy one myself before I got another one presented as this cream lasts a long time. Hence, £19 every year or twice a year can’t be much for a cream that pampers your hands just the way you like it! 🙂

Have you tried any AESOP products? Which one is your favourite?