The New Million Dollar Baby?!


I went boxing the other night and boy did it feel good! The sweat, the smell, the pain, the need to take deep breaths and not to forget the best sleep I have had in ages.

Motherhood is one of the busiest jobs in the whole world. But let’s face it, being on toe all day as we call it, doing the school runs, walking the dogs and playing in the park with the kids isn’t really making you any fitter.

Amazing as it is, motherhood also makes you very stressed and makes one feel in constant need to sit down and relax. Before you know it, years can go past and when that 3 year old turns eight, you realise that you don’t have to pretend to lose in a race on the beach; infact you know you will lose because his fitness is better than yours.

So although I can’t really keep up with my eight year old, I still have to pretend to lose with my 5 year old. And before she catches up, I have decided to up my fitness level. I’d like to be able to not just walk my dogs but also run with them.


Inspiration is all around me as my husband runs and spars regularly, but it requires will power to find that extra oomph to actually go all out and get fit. I have always been a yoga girl and that has helped me with my agility and flexibility but I don’t do any cardio. None of the activities as a mother makes my heart go boom boom boom, I don’t really sweat and my core muscles are weak causing excruciating stitches and extreme breathlessness when I run and I am only 26 years old, I shouldn’t feel like this.

So when my husband’s boxing gym ran a trail women session, I finally got myself together and decided to give it a go. Pejs-All Star Boxing Club is a local boxing gym based in Margate that welcomes the ones who want a good workout and get fit as well as the ones who want to try boxing as a sport. They have a team of award winning coaches who help train boxers for matches.


Boxing is one of those sports that always remains in the periphery but never really becomes a global trend. Hence, the gyms are reasonably sized oozing a feel of community when you go in there. It has also been a very male-dominated sport, but introducing and welcoming women in the club changes everything. For someone like me who finds gyms quite a hostile place and running on a treadmill all alone within the four walls very claustrophobic, a boxing gym is perfect where I can meet other local people, interact with them, avoid the cold outside and learn a skill that is new (working out in a normal gym isn’t really learning a skill is it?). It does not only help my health but will also develop my confidence in self-defence.


Pej’s-All Star Club in Margate hold a lot of charity fights and the trainers are very well deeply involved within the community helping especially the youth (teenagers) to find something productive to do with their energy thereby keeping them away from trouble; and to keep them physically and mentally fit.

Tell you what, whether you have had a bad day at work or stressful day with your toddlers or just feeling meh, throw a few punches on those bags and do some solid pad work with the trainer, you are sure to go home feeling too tired to worry about anything else but a good nights sleep. It is a very good way to keep your heart and mind pumpin’.