What Makes Me Happy As A Mommy?

I love being a mommy. Period!

Motherhood came to me in two phases. First phase was when I was only 22 years old when my lover brought his two toddlers into the equation we now call ‘family’. Raising two kids estranged from their mother was scary and to an extend mentally disturbing retrospectively speaking. But after a few months of settling into the new life, we all eased into it very well and it became as rewarding as many mothers claim to be.

Last year, I gave birth to our little baby Ro (second phase). He is a darling and this time around it was expected, planned and not shocking at all. I wanted this and being able to participate in raising a baby from birth is such a joy that I always in a way missed or desired when I was raising my stepchildren.

There are many reasons why I like being a mother. Even though there are a fair share of sleepless nights, sick on the stairs, on the bed, in between the wooden floor boards etc there are moments of happiness that outweighs the troublesome ones.

So here are a few reasons why I love being a mommy:

Unconditional Love

There is no love as the love between a parent and their children. I love my children more than I love anybody in this world. I love them more than I love my husband and my parents. Yes! I have never experienced love as strong as my love for my kids.

Also being loved; my children love me without any judgement (at least for now). I am lucky to be loved by a lot of people but the love my kids have for me amazes me. The kind of love you receive for just being their mom.

I love the way my 11 month old wakes up with a beaming smile and bright eyes looking straight at me saying, ‘maaamaaa’ as if he is so happy to have woken up next to me and is so excited that I am still next to him.

Purpose in Life

My kids give me a permanent purpose in life. I never have a single day when I sit and think what do I want to be? What do I want to become? What is my aim in life?

I can always become a teacher, an engineer or a doctor or a hairdresser if I want but I am something already. I am a mommy! And that is a bigger responsibility than anything. Raising kids to be a kind and conscious citizen of the world is a challenging task and an achievement in itself.

Magical World

Kids allow me to build and live in the magical world of tooth fairies, santa clause, gnomes etc. I love to tip toe into my kids room at night to deliver tooth fairy’s letters, I love helping santa claus get through the hot and narrow little chimney and hunt for easter eggs in the woods that the magical bunny hides every easter.

Flowers and a Cuppa

I love to imagine the short bike ride my son has to do from his drum lesson back home which goes through a park full of trees and how he stops and picks a handful of fresh bay leaves because he knows how much I like to use bay leaves in my cooking, or when he sets himself a massive task of building me a wooden boat for my window sill ever since he realised the one I wanted at the shop was far too expensive for my budget.

I live for the times when my daughter spends hours in her bedroom early in the morning, when everybody else is asleep and starts making a loom band necklace for me and wraps it in a homemade envelop made out of scrap paper and taped a hundred times so tight that I struggle to even get into it. Or when she spends the whole afternoon in the garden to make me a disgusting concoction of all sorts of herbs and dirt mixed in warm water, she calls ‘tea’, that I have to drink in front of her.

Pride and Joy

My kids are my pride and joy.

Whether it is getting 10 out of 10 in a spelling test or playing violin in front of 500 people, or how my 11 month old always tries to share everything he is eating; my children make me proud everyday.

Making of Me

My children make me a better person. I want to be a good role model. I try and remind myself to compose myself in a way I’d like my children to be. Not that I succeed in it everytime, but they are my constant reminders!

Improved Relationships

Motherhood has made me realise (at a deeper level) how  hard it must have been for my mother to have raised me all by herself when my father passed away. I am less judgemental of mothers who struggle at times or believe in parenting methods that aren’t similar to mine.

Environment Savvy

Having children has change my entire take on environmental health. Something that I used to take for granted has become an interesting passion now. I want to make environmentally conscious choices so that my children have a better, healthier and safer environment to live in.


I have become a kinder person. I am empathetic and sympathetic towards not only other people but also animals. For example, breastfeeding has changed my perspective on milking cows for dairy.  I want my children to be compassionate human beings and that has influenced a massive change of lifestyle in me (more on that another time).

Watching Them Grow

I still look at Ro and wonder, “Wow did I really make him?”

It is such a pleasure to make them stand against the wall to measure their height or get a glimpse of what kind of a person they might become when they grow a bit older.

What makes you happy as a mommy?




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