Vegan Chocolate Mousse


We love chocolate mousse but not eggs, which makes it difficult to make a mousse.

I tried making it with silken tofu but nope, didn’t work. But I found something that works – Aquafaba!

Aquafaba is the liquid you get in a tin of beans. If you get dried beans in bulk then soak them up overnight, drain the water. Cook the beans and the water you get from cooked beans is Aquafaba. Always strain the aquafaba before using.

Servings 2


Aquafaba from 1 tinned chickpeas

250 gms of vegan dark chocolate (70 %)

2 tsp odourless coconut oil


Whisk the aquafaba until it forms thick peaks. Be patient, it takes a while. Aquafaba is more forgiving than egg whites which means that even though it takes longer to turn fluffy you can stop and start. It won’t lose it’s thickness.

On the other side melt the chocolate with the oil. The oil prevents the chocolate from turning grainy.

Once your aquafaba is ready, add the chocolate and slowly fold it in. Add vanilla essense if you like or chilli powder (optional).

The aquafaba may seem to collaspe but don’t lose faith. I took my chances and refrigerated it in serving bowls and after a couple of hours it was ready and perfectly smooth and fluffy.

I hope you try it and let me know how it turned out for you.




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