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IMG_8132In India, 1 in every 3 children is malnourished according to Unicef. When you grow up in India, it is very easy to become indifferent and unaffected with all the poverty around you. But not to a new pair of eyes from a different country.

In 2012, when Chloe went on her holiday to India, she was shocked by the lack of basic sustenance available to children. On her return back to the UK, she spoke to her partner (now husband) Jim and decided to give birth to her brainchild. Every purchase from Darlo contribute’s to a week’s worth of school meal for a child in India. Darlo works in partnership with The Akshaya Patra Foundation who organise and run mid-day meal scheme in schools. For some families, meals might be a good & only excuse to send their kids to school than leave them to beg on the streets. Children, invariably also get education which will only benefit them in their future.

Bubble 438Set up in 2014, Darlo has already contributed over 1000 weeks of meals in India. When I went to the Baby Show in early 2016 with my 7 months old pregnant belly, my husband met Jim and was completely inspired by their little enterprise. My husband knew that here’s a company I would totally like to associate myself with. We brought a few clothes for our baby and Chloe also sent us some goodies to try on. Ever since I learnt about Darlo, I knew I was going to spread the word about their good work and so here I am!

Darlo makes clothing for babies. All their clothing is organic and ethically made. Even the cotton used has no pesticides, insecticides or chemicals. Did you know that cotton farming uses 16% of world’s insecticides, pesticides and herbicides? By choosing organic, we contribute to cleaner air and water to the farmers and their surrounding areas.

Darlo made it to the beach in Margate

Darlo made it to the beach in Margate

We received a set of coral and mint coloured joggers and a matching t-shirt. The material is so soft to touch and the bright colours only brightens up my baby’s features.  We often struggle with high street brands when it comes to trousers as they don’t fit very well around cloth nappies. But Darlo joggers are very wide, perfect for a cloth nappy bum. The drawstrings (not the fake ones as many high street joggers have) make it easier to achieve the perfect fit. The t-shirts have two poppers on the shoulders making the neck wide enough to put on the baby without gagging him.

We received so many compliments when Baby Roshan was wearing this set. This set is our go to apparel for Roshan. Everytime someone came to see him, I think I have dressed him in this set just because he looks extra scrumptious in it. Roshan seems so comfortable in it. Because it is made out of organic cotton, it is not only good as a summer wear; but also good for those cooler nights due to the long sleeves. I am about to order more of these for the winter coming up.

I love supporting small companies like Darlo. For me, it is an easy way to making a difference. In today’s time when money is tight, like many, I often find reasons to spend my money on MY needs than to put some cash aside for charity. With a new baby, every disposable cash I would have I’d want to spend it on cute baby stuff. I know it is selfish, but I am sure everyone would know the feeling. Hence, Darlo is my saviour. I can buy organic and ethical stuff for my baby knowing that it is not only keeping my baby comfortable but also keeping hundreds of children well-fed and nourished!

To find out more about Darlo’s ethical babywear and one feed one philosophy checkout their website: http://www.alittlegiving.com/

p.S: All my readers will get a whopping 50% off their purchases with the code “alittlegiving”.



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