My Newborn Wishlist

Having a baby is very exciting! But having your first baby is also very daunting! I am 34 weeks pregnant, and although I look and act very calm, I do get nervous about the birth from time to time. The best way to distract and relax myself is NOT always yoga or hynotherapy or a bath but a bit of online window shopping for the baby and moi!

Given we are only couple of weeks away from being full term, and Braxton Hicks are getting more frequent and sharp, we have done most of our shopping in terms of baby essentials like cots, nappies, clothes, car seats etc. But there are always those little things that one either doesn’t think of or wouldn’t bother buying either because one can do without them or simply because of budget issues. With a 9 year old and a 7 year old, their VERY expensive music lessons and other extra-cirricular activities, we are a bit tight on budget. So here are a list of things I would like for my bub but they aren’t essential and baby will grow fine without them. But every now and then I will come back to this list when I have a bit of cash in hand and perhaps get one thing at a time.

  1. Ewan the Sheep: This is the sort of thing I would have to make cute faces at my husband to get and hence, it obviously wasn’t in the list of essentials. But I have heard rave reviews about it and how it helps infants find comfort in the world that is not their mothers womb.ewanthesheep
  2. Gro Swaddle Blanket: Although I plan to swaddle my baby in my grandma and mother’s old cotton sarees, this burrito style blanket is perfect for outdoors and for a fancy visit to a friends which my spring/summer baby will be doing a lot. woodland_friends_gro-swaddle_1
  3. KinderGlo Light: I have raised two toddlers who were scared of the dark and I have only just managed to sleep train them. At the age of 9 and 7 years, they have finally learnt the beauty of sleeping in lesser bright environment by using iKea’s Spoka light that turns itself off. But I don’t want to spend another 9 years sleep training this one and so I plan to train this baby to sleep in complete darkness. Having said that I will need a night light to change nappies and for those precious feeding hours. Now what I like about this one is that it has a nice red light which apparently is ideal for babies, suggested by Sarah Ockwell-Smith in her book, The Gentle Parenting Book. But with delivery, it will cost me almost £100 which is too much for a night light. Hence, it is in this list!kinderglo
  4. Babymoov Monitor : We live in a massive house with three storeys. We will need a baby audio monitor, although I have no intention of leaving my baby alone. This one can wait a few
  5. Sheepskin Rug: Sheepskin blankets and rugs are perfect to adjust the body temperature of the baby, also very safe for the babies if they puke and roll on it accidentally. It has a tendency of soaking things up very easily leaving your baby warm and dry. We have wooden polished floors and this would be perfect for some floor time with the baby. But an ethically sourced one does not come cheap and it has to be sourced properly.Mimosa-Baby-Sheepskin-Rug-Ivory-initialZoom
  6. Little Green Sheep blanket and bed sheets: I have a snuzpod for my baby but I am yet to buy some spare bedding for the cot. Little Green Sheep has a great range of pure cotton and organic bedding sets that are ethically produced and how I would love to own some of them 🙂Organic-Crib-Bedding-Set-initialZoom
  7. BabyMel Grace Changing Bag: Pure luxury! I plan to babywear, in which case, I will need a rucksack for a changing bag but if I wanted something fancy and for days like attending a wedding or a party, this one would be perfect. Again, it is very dear price wise but I am sure, totally worth it!babymel-grace-tote-diaper-bag-tan-10

What is in your newborn wishlist?


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