Pregnancy – 32 Weeks Update


My last update was when I was 25 weeks pregnant. I am clearly, struggling to keep up with the updates. Hey ho! Here is yet another attempt.

Because it has been several weeks, obviously there has been a lot going on that I will try my best to remember, given baby brain is at it’s peak! Also, I will refer to the time gone by as the “phase”.

Highlight: Ok, so many at the moment. But one worth mentioning is NO sickness at all (unless ofcourse I am being driven around). I have extreme amount of energy which feels so good. I am enjoying my time off from my dog walking business finally as I feel strong enough to take strolls with my dogs, keep up with the housework and ummm have sex again (although awkwardly with the bump sticking out, and the baby kicking away)! 😀

With more energy comes more drive to be active, which in returns brings back the sleep. I have gone back to my routine of sleeping by 11pm and up by 7am without feeling sick or tired! Woop Woop!

Another highlight of the phase between week 30 and 32 is the size of the bump. I am finally showing as properly pregnant. Having said that, I can still get away with it if I am wearing a jacket. I prefer people noticing than questioning the size of the bump. Let’s face it, I am a small person, my bump even on the day of delivery will seem smaller.

How can I not mention my bad back. It is sore but not so bad. I haven’t used my masseur during this week at all.

Negatives: I can’t really think of any apart from the clinical fact. I was diagnosed with low iron at week 28, which apparently is very common but mine was too low for the midwives liking. Anyhow, I am on the iron supplements now and I guess they are working because I am on my feet again with a boost of energy!

Cravings:  Nothing in particular. Same old cravings for greens and fruits. I have taken a strange liking to strawberries. But also recently, my craving for dark chocolate has come back and yes I am scoffing off a bar of 75% dark chocolate every evening. That might explain the 3 kg gain in 3 weeks.

Aversions: Well third trimester is when usually women sarcastically say, “Is there anything I can’t eat?” NO. Give me everything and a lot of it! I am averse to things I generally am averse to like coffee. It has nothing to do with pregnancy I don’t think.

Baby Shopping:  Oh this one is interesting! We went to the Baby Show in Excel and brought a few small little things.

We brought something called a Snugglebundl. It is a blanket with a handle. More about it later when I get a chance to use and review it.

Another purchase was a cute little vest in a neutral orange and grey colour from a company called Darlo. All their products are made with organic cotton, ethically produced in India. (more on them later)

I also brought a Close Caboo baby carrier as I plan to do a fair bit of babywearing.

Another purchase includes, a heated air-drier for my bubba’s cloth nappies. A kind friend sold hers to me for very cheap. The one I now own is from Lakelands!

We also purchased a co-sleeping Snuzpod for the baby, (not from the show) but second hand. We will be buying new bedding for it in the coming few weeks. We still don’t have a stroller but honestly, I am not too fussed. This baby will be spoilt rotten by being carried everywhere and I will be doing some serious babywearing!

Yoga and Meditation: Pregnant or not, it is a part of my lifestyle. One has to modify their postures and asanas as the belly grows, ofcourse! I am supposed to start listening to my new hypnobithing cd but it seems to have gone missing. I have ordered a new one and that should be here soon. It is the next level up from Pregnancy relaxation cd that teaches you techniques and prepares you for the labour. I have also got a new gym ball and I have been sitting on it atleast 20 minutes everyday. It helps with my pelvis pain, and I also read somewhere that it helps the baby get into the ‘head-down’ position.

I cannot believe we are in the third trimester already! I never thought I would say this but where has the time gone yet I cannot wait for the baby to arrive now.


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