The Greeench Deodorant Powder by Lush

Copyrights: Jen Wright

Copyrights: Jen Wright

I am, generally, a naturally fragrant person. There are no deodorants on my shelves. But hormones can do funny things during pregnancy. Mine makes me a bit smelly! Hmmpff I tried different roll ons etc whilst looking out for something that is natural, ethically produced, durable and one that works!

And, although I like to keep a partial distance from any supply chains like the Body Shop or Lush. They do offer a range of products that suits my needs and isn’t very heavy on the pocket. The Greeench Deodorant Powder is one of them!

Now, before I review the product, let me tell you how helpful the sales associates in Lush were. When I explained to them that I need something to ease of the body odour during my pregnancy, they explained to me why I must not use an anti-perspirant but a deodorant. Antiperspirant contain aluminium which block the sweat glands from releasing toxins which are essential for our well-being. Now deodorants contain parabens which aren’t good for us either but The Greeench Deodorant Powder is paraben free, thus making it absolutely natural and safe to use during and after pregnancy.

It smells of sage, rosemary and tea tree oil. It has a very neutral smell for both genders. It is easy to apply by just rubbing the powder in your palms and applying under your arms but the sales associate suggested I use a powder puff which makes it easier. The Greeench doesn’t stop you from sweating (sweating is a natural process of getting rid of toxins), but you will notice it does help you smell less. In my case, it makes me smell nice. It is like applying talcum, it gives you the same sensation of dryness and smoothness. I apply it under my arms after a shower in the morning and it last me a good few hours. I do have to re-apply in the evening if I am to pop out of the house to carry on some outdoor activities.

I also did a little test on my poor husband. I popped some on him before he went for his run and noticed although really sweaty and ofcourse a bit smelly, it wasn’t so bad that I had to send him straight int to the shower!

I am very impressed with this product so far. I think it is a 75ml bottle and costs £6.50 which is not very expensive. It lasts a very long time as well. Logically speaking, if you are an antiperspirant or roll on user, it might take a week or so for this product to show it’s full effect, because your body will stop storing the toxins and start releasing them which helps with your Ph balance. Once that is in place, The Greeench will show you all it’s love it has to offer! (Don’t quote me on that though).



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