Shakespeare’s Macbeth comes to Margate

And when we have our naked frailties hid, that suffer in exposure, let us meet, and question this most bloody piece of work, to know it further!”

Shakespeare’s darkest tragedy will come alive on stage in Margate when three scurrilous Hijras (India’s trangender community, whom I’ve blogged about before here) plot a bloody downfall as they brew treachery, ambition and passion in a contemporary reworking of Macbeth.

Directed by Jatinder Verma and designed by Claudia Mayer, pioneering theatre house Tara Arts are based in south London; their production opens tonight at Queen’s Hall Hexham, and will be coming to Theatre Royal in Margate on 6th March, 2015 for two days.

Come along for some cutting edge theatre, welcome Tara Arts to Thanet and support our local Theatre Royal, one of England oldest theatres, which works really hard to bring highly acclaimed productions to Margate, in the face of a council that is trying to dispose of it.

Tickets and details for the show can be found here: 



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