Kids are Kind

In our day to day parenting, we often are consumed with the chores and filled with frustration even; mopping up the floor, doing scores and scores of laundry, dealing with sticky table tops, cleaning drawings off the wall etc etc. And, if you have more than one kid, you are endlessly referree’ing between the two and no matter how many times you explain, they will be at it all over again probably within next 10 minutes or so.

Whilst we love our children, it isn’t untrue that they do drive us up the wall. And sometimes, we just want to get through the day and become less appreciative.

But kids are naturally kind. And in their own little ways, they express it every now and again. Now, it is up to us to notice them and make a memory of them because you know what? We may not remember every little mischief they do, but we will always cherish little acts of kindness they display which will eventually become a big part of their characteristic.

Here are just a few of many ways my kids have shown me love, affection and kindness when I least expected them:

Folding up the laundry:


After returning from school, children get about 3 hours before it is their bedtime. And those 3 hours are spent playing, doing homework and arguing with each other, while mother (I) cooks, cleans, fold up the laundry, designates homework and helps them play as calmly as possible (impossible).

But one fine day, this was when Irene was five, she folded up a BIG pile of laundry into stacks individually piled up for each person in the house. I had no idea that this was happening while I was in the kitchen. I was awestruck by this act of her kindness and thought, gosh I love her so much and that she loves me so much!

If I ever complaint of having a lot to do, she’d often say, “I wish I could stay home today, so I could help you.” And she means it, I know that because she is very keen to help me out whenever she is home.

Making the bed:


He may not make his own bed, even after begging him to do so everyday. But recently, since our dog had a leg surgery I am forced to sleep with her on the sofa from 4am when she wakes up. The only way to keep her calm is for me to sleep downstairs with her, and that way she remains calm and everybody can get few more hours of sound sleep.

Now because of this new arrangement my bedding needs to go back upstairs every morning. Normally, I’d do it after I drop the kids off to school but this morning was different. This morning my 8 year old, Reuben voluntarily picked up all my bedding and took it upstairs. Not only that, he also made my bed just the way I like it.

He said, “Mummy I made your bed. Sorry I can’t hear the dog in the morning to wake up and settle her back in bed. I am not strong enough yet.”

He touched my heart by showing appreciation for the sacrifices I make for everyone.

Keeping mummy warm:


This happened in summer but knowing England’s weather, a hot day turned into quite a windy cold one. Clever mummy that I am I always carry enough clothing for my children but sometimes forget about myself.

My daughter held on to my legs (I was wearing a skirt so legs were cold), wrapped her arms around them to keep my legs warms. It may seem like nothing special but somehow it was to me. Ofcourse it didn’t keep my legs warm but it did keep my heart warm for a while. (I had a picture but I can’t find it)

I suppose children have to be raised in a kind and loving environment to receive it back. But honestly, I think children are naturally very kind. It is the unkindness that we teach them sometimes which takes over the act of kindness. The kindness remains as a natural instinct.

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