Who doesn’t like Red Lipstick?

IMG_3813 Welcome to the christmas season! It is the festive colours that bring life to the dreadfully darker, colder months of winter. Same applies to the winter fashion. People jazz up their clothing and make-up ever so slightly because of all the dark black jackets that consume them and their fashion otherwise. One of my winter fashion must-have is a bright and rich lip colour. I, personally, don’t spend a lot of time doing make-up. I am quite secure with my skin and it requires little to no work most days, luckily! But lip colour is my biggest weakness and I have to have one on before I leave the house, even if it is just to pop out to the newspaper vendor. IMG_3905 This season’s favourite is Big Bang from Rimmel London’s Apocalips. It is a liquid lip lacquer that is a perfect blend between a lipgloss and lipstick! Such a life-saver! It is seriously glossy when applied generously, but most days I simply put a tiny dot and dab it all over with my finger, which leaves a orangish red hint on my Indian berry lips. Since I dab it all over with my finger, I then have to apply a bit of lipstick for moisture and gloss. When I am out partying, or socialising, I apply it generously and it looks as glamourous as glamourous can be. IMG_3806 I have to be honest, that it is best worn with a lip liner as the gloss tends to bleed a little if applied too generously. And it stains on everything like most liquid lipsticks. It lasts a long time, simply because it leaves a dark pinkish red stain on your lips (I suppose a different stain on a different coloured lip) even after the gloss disappears. It is perfect for someone like me, who does small trips for school runs, dog walks etc.. Lip colour is, one of the most essential part of my make-up. Especially during winter days, as the only thing visible through your hood is your face. Now putting a load of make-up for dog walk seems over-indulging, a lipstick does the trick. Such a small thing, but has such an impact and makes a statement, every time! You get it wrong, you are doomed! Get it right, you become instantly noticeable! I love red and berry colours. I still haven’t found this season’s berry colour yet, but I will update this space with one soon. Until then, please go and dare to wear this red! Don’t be shy, under those dark, baggy jackets of yours! What is your favourite lip colour(s) for this time of the year?


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