Why I don’t drink alcohol anymore?


I have completely given up alcohol.

Am I pregnant? Am I religious? Am I doing it for a charity? Or am I plain boring? NO.

Then Why Quit Alcohol?

I don’t really like the taste or smell of alcohol anymore (except maybe mojitos).

I don’t like hangovers.

Social evenings have become much cheaper and I can have an entire evening of fun with just a tenner or sometimes less. Even dinner dates are cheaper with my hubby now. Now the cost of a bottle covers the fee for a babysitter, easily!!

4 months as a teetotaller and going strong….

Giving up alcohol has been the best decision I have made this year! I have a sense of confidence in me that I don’t need the social lubrication that alcohol provides to enjoy the evening and dance the night away! I also have the confidence to say, “No thanks, I don’t drink.”

With alcohol, I have experienced a lot of unwelcomed drama rather than adventures – I have lost my uncle to it, I have put my 2 weeks old marriage at stake and ended up in therapy (briefly) !

Sounds like I had a problem with alcohol and the word ‘teetotal’ often conjures up images of addiction and fear of going back to it. But no! I didn’t have a drinking problem. I was a social drinker and drank much less than many others that I know do.

But as we all know, under the influence of cultural phenomenon we live in, drinking was becoming more frequent than ever before. I suppose alcohol has, hence lost its charm partly. Also, unlike many others, I was becoming less and less fun in inebriation. And I have noticed people often aren’t. There is a certain amount of animated spirit in people! All inhibitions cut loose and unlike the popular belief of how alcohol reveals the real person in you, I’d turn into a fake one that doesn’t exist nowhere in my subconscious! I fear that!

Having said that I have had my share of fun with alcohol too but nothing that couldn’t be achieved without drinking! But I can’t say the same about the bad experiences. They were solely caused by the influence of alcohol on my sound consciousness.

Now, I have two beautiful children, and the worst part is that they have seen me the morning after a night out being sick and derelious and I am ashamed of that!

I don’t want to have a great saturday night out drinking, dancing and flirting at the cost of my children’s sunday which ends up being at home making dens with duvets because mother is too sick to go out or be left alone at home!

I have never grown up watching my parents have a drink with every meal (alcohol was a very occasional, celebratory compliment), so my brain can easily adapt to the lifestyle of enjoying a glass of nothing or occasionally a fizzy drink!

I’d like to set an example for my children. Drinking isn’t a lifestyle!

Besides, I do want to live a healthier life. I have been forcing broccoli down my children’s throat and abstaining them from drinking squashes all the time. We drink in front of them and we sometimes drink after they are in bed. I am aware that they watch those empty bottles of wine piling up on the window sill. After all that I tell them how alcohol is actually bad for health. It is slightly hypocritical.

I am not against drinking and I am aware that my children might take up drinking as an occasional or social phenomenon. And that is fine! Who knows, perhaps by then I would have taken up drinking as a very very ocassional token splash.  But the aim is to be the one who shows them that it is possible and absolutely harmlessly normal not to, if they ever decided to quit.

Having said all of that, I will have a glass of whatever (more likely to be rum) only if I feel like. At the moment, I don’t and the more I abstain, the more I appreciate the change.

Why blog about it?

Well, I think it is quite a big deal. Every time you walk in through someone’s door in the evening, they offer you a drink that I won’t be able to accept, I can’t be invited out for a ‘pint’ but a coke, people may find me boring, I won’t be going for dinner parties at a friends with the statutory bottle of wine but I will bring a bottle of something gentler, I will remember everything everybody else does on a night out (that is if I am still invited?).

Believe it or not, and no matter how much I love discussing the likes and dislikes of people in terms of alcohol, it is still one of the hardest questions to answer, “Why did you stop drinking?” I suppose it requires at least a 1000 words worth of explanation. Perhaps I should start carrying a copy of this.

People who make lifestyle changes have their own reasons and must not be judged or praised even. It is just a choice, it is NORMAL!!

Did you make any lifestyle changes recently? What challenges and apprehensions did you have to face?



One thought on “Why I don’t drink alcohol anymore?

  1. I’ve given up alcohol about a year ago. I never have been a big drinked (I reaaaally hate the taste of it!) and finally thought, well, why keep drinking? Very happy with my decision – not to mention, I save a ton when everyone goes out for happy hour!

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