How to wear your husband’s knitwear?!

As the weather gets colder, it becomes more imminent to think about styling if you are into fashion. The boring blacks and grey’s in the form of jackets and coats tone down the stylist in you big time! Also, sometimes it is just so nice to not wear a jacket if you could layer yourself up warm enough for the weather.

Often, especially on a cold evening, I tend to snuggle up in my husband’s sweatshirt or jumper by the fireside with a book or a dvd. There is something so warm about men’s clothing. Also, they are strangely much cheaper yet cosy  and genuinely warm – you just need to get the style right or style it right!

I love bohemian look a lot and I try to incorporate it in my dressing sense as and when I can. Here is what I did with my husband’s knitwear for that perfect slouchy bohemian look for a cold day out in London without compromising any comfort or colours, definitely not!


If you are petite like me, remember that bold colours and horizontal patterns can swallow you whole. So keep the lower half quite dark and stick to shoes that do not go above your ankles to give the illusion of height. Adding a belt at the waist might not be a bad idea either. You can easily add another layer underneath without adding any bulk for extra warmth.



I carried a big chunky bag, for convenience but I think it also takes away the bulk off your jumper. It carries the responsibility of looking bulky, thereby making you look petite.


Another great thing about bold colours is that you stand out in a crowd, of course in a nice way.


Lastly, wear your smile which is your best accessory – cliche as it may sound! 🙂

Jumper: Matalan

Bag: Next

Shoes: Primark

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