“Mum, I want to marry you”


I remember having this conversation with my son when he was about 5 years old. He went through the phase where he didn’t like daddy touching mummy etc etc.

But yesterday, after school on the drive back home, my little 6 year old daughter said, “Mummy, when I grow up I want to still live with you”.

How sweet!! (I thought)

But before I could respond, my son jumped on to say, “But you might find a boyfriend and move out or get a job or go to university away from home.” (I think he must have learnt those possibilities from me, guilty)

So Irene said, “I don’t think I will have a boyfriend.”

Irene: “Mummy, I want to marry you”

It was a statement. No she wasn’t proposing! This is not how I accept marriage proposals.

Me: “But I am already married to daddy , love”

Irene: “Oh” (Caught ya)

After a looooong awkward silence she spoke AGAIN, ” but he is a MAAAAAAAN.” (we are moaning a little out of desperation here)

Me: “So? What are you saying, What do you mean ?”

Irene: “You said you are not allowed to marry another man, but I am going to be a woman. You can marry me and then I will even get to sleep with you in the same bed.”

Right this was getting a bit crazy and a bit out of my comfort zone. I miss daddy. I need rescuing.

Me: “I would love to have you living with me as long as you want Irene. Even if you do go to university and then want to come back to me, you are welcome. As for the marriage is concerned, you can’t marry until you are a grown up anyway.”

Irene: “When will I be a grown up ?”

Me: “You will be an adult when you are 18, how about we talk marriage then?”

I, couldn’t resist but cuddle her lots when we got home!

I love my children, even though they scare me with their love sometimes!! 😀


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