Embrace the Lace – Date Night

My husband and I don’t get enough opportunities these days to go out on date nights. Hence, I felt a bit confused and over-excited about dressing up for this special occasion. Although I wanted to wear a very bold bodycon pinkish/orangish dress, the light outside made me go for a simple black dress.

But this black dress isn’t all that simple. It is romantic with all the laces and has a sexy back. The sleeves make the dress autumn friendly and the belt adds an extra dimension to this dress.

Minimal make-up, a simple heel and a quirky owl bag is what it took me to go out as my husband’s arm-candy!

My husband and I have a strange fascination for graveyards, not in a gothic way but in a spiritual way. So on the way to our date, we stopped over at the graveyard and took a few pictures.This post could easily be, ‘how to dress for a funeral’, but let’s not.

IMG_3157 (2)

IMG_3169 (2)

IMG_3161 (2)IMG_3186 (2)

IMG_3158 (2)

Dress: Primark

Shoes: Tamaris (I actually got it from a second hand shop)

Bag: Pop-Up Margate (A local pop-up shop)


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