It is Shabby and Chic but not Shabby-Chic! Please NO!

Our back garden is an untold story! It needs loving, attention and care. It is full of thistles and wild stuff growing everywhere and it is absurdly shaped. We took the shed off which makes more space, but again it needs character. 

My very enthusiastic husband, for a long time now, has been meaning to to paint the walls white and he ended up ordering some lime putty online after watching this exciting video. He thought that the lime would bubble up etc but nothing of such sort happened because we used hydraulic lime as opposed to quick lime which reacts to water. I felt for my husband, and decided to help him do the back garden together. My help makes him feel special. No it does! 🙂 

Anyhow, so we began by removing weed from the walls by pouring hot boiling water and scraped the wall quickly with sand paper (if you have children, this is where/when you get them involved and keep them busy). After all that, we made the walls wet and began painting. 

It is pretty simple to make the mixture. We did a very thin layer first. We mixed lime with water to form a very thin liquid like mixture and started brushing the walls. We did two layers, second one being slightly thicker! And I made some plaster like thick paste to fill up the gaps in between the brickwork and then my husband did another whitewash on top of it to seal everything in. 

Working with lime, I have to admit, was very satisfying. Lime is very powdery and milky; and it has a very seductive leather like texture. What is good about limewash is that you cannot go wrong with it. It only improves with each layer and the white colour gets richer and intense. It dries out easily, hence very England weather friendly. And for our garden, white works perfectly as the sun gets blocked due to neighbours walls etc and the white helps reflect the sunshine back onto our garden. 

Here’s a little sneak – peak into our very sexy weekend: 

IMG_3047 (2) IMG_3051 (2) IMG_3054 (2) IMG_3055 (2) IMG_3056 (2) IMG_3057 (2) IMG_3059 (2) IMG_3061 (2) IMG_3067 (2)



2 thoughts on “It is Shabby and Chic but not Shabby-Chic! Please NO!

  1. Looks great! I love brick walls and there is something so unique and fun about painting them white. This is one of my favorite things to use as a background for photography. Now I wish I had a brick wall to paint! 😛

    ~ mikéla davelyn

    • Thanks. I normally don’t like anything white. But that is the tired mummy in me talking, who is sick of stains on everything white. But limework is out of the world. It is easy and it can be one of those annual things. You have to recoat every year. So another excuse next summer to spend a day in the garden 🙂

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