My Autumn/Winter Skincare Favourites

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September is here and I can’t be more excited! I have enjoyed the summer, but I am also looking forward to cosy evenings by the fireside with a cup of herbal tea and a book; cuddling up with my husband on the sofa watching a film, dressing up my kiddies in cute woollen clothes and cheekily letting the pups jump in bed to keep my feet warm! Oh winter, I do love you!

With lots of snuggles and cuddles, comfy layering and hot chocolates, winter also brings extreme pampering for your skin. I understand, we still haven’t hit autumn yet and there are speculations of Indian Summer even, I have already prepared myself for the coming season in terms of my skin care.

(I started using these products a week or so ago for the sake of this post, but I think I will carry on, as the wind by the seaside has started spreading the chill a bit )

IMG_3023 (2)

Eyes: Every morning, as soon as I wash my face (with water only), I dab a little bit of Elderflower Eye Gel from Body Shop. It is fragrance-free which I like, as I cannot bear loud noises and strong smells first thing in the morning. We all struggle to wake up and get out of our warm duvets and hence, can end up with puffy or tired eyes. This eye gel is very soothing and refreshing.

Face: This year’s winner is Johnson’s Baby Intense Moisture Cream. It smells very gentle and spreads like a dream leaving your nice really well moisturised and hydrated. I apply it in the morning and in the evening after my shower. (turns out my husband isn’t a fan of the the smell combined with the smell from my foot care cream and hand cream, I might have to search for a new night cream – update on that to follow)

Body: Every evening, after my shower, I use Johnson’s Baby oil  with lavender before drying myself. The water helps spread the oil evenly and then I dry myself by dabbing the towel, which removes the excess oil and water leaving the skin nicely moisturised until morning (but on days I feel very dry and itchy and reapply the oil before going to bed). Lavender also helps sleep you better, they say!

And in the morning, I use Body Shop’s Peach Body Lotion. It smells summer like, and if you are missing sunshine, atleast the fragrance from this lotion will comfort you. It is light and not very greasy, perfect for day wear.

Feet: Our feet takes a lot of battering during summer, but wearing those wellies and boots all the time during winter can also cause a lot of damage. Our feet don’t get to breath much during winter as we wear socks or tights or slippers all the time.

I brought this whole set of foot care products from Body Shop. They are all rich with Peppermint oil making your feet relaxed and refreshed.

I use Body Shop’s Intense Foot Scrub in the shower once every two days, and follow up with a pumice stone for extra exfoliation.

After my shower, I spray a bit of Cooling Foot Spray on my feet, again from Body Shop, leaving my feet smell nice and cool. I use it whenever I feel tired and want to make my feet smell nice 🙂

Before going to bed, I moisturise my feet again with Peppermint Intensive Foot Cream. It is very rich and creamy, hence perfect for night time.

Hands: As a mother, you have a lot of washing up and cleaning to do all the time, but during winter, our hands suffer a lot from all this exposure. I use my all year favourite Aesop’s Ressurection Hand Cream, which I had reviewed (here) a few weeks ago.

Lips: I have been loyal to Carmex Lip Balm with the goodness of Camphor, Beeswax and Menthol for the past two years. It moisturises your lips immediately, stays on well and smells good too. It is very cooling for winter, but somehow I like the tingly feeling.

Both my footcare and lipbalm is full of tingly and cooling, quite contrast to what one would want for winter but I like the feeling as it feels refreshing and relaxed.

What are your favourite skincare products for this winter?







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