Chomping Down On Some Local Chow

Who doesn’t enjoy a platter full of local produce? There is something more earthy and vibrant about the flavours in produce that hasn’t covered miles to get to us. On Sunday, my husband and I finally managed to go to our local Kent farmer’s market in Cliftonville.


For someone like me, who’d never ever shopped in a supermarket before coming to England, Cliftonville Farmer’s Market was home. I have fond memories of holding the end of my mother’s saree and following her around the market, who would spend hours holding a veg, turning it around, tapping the outside of it to check the depth (or whatever that she had to scrutinize) and then negotiating prices with the stall holder.


For me sweating in the sun, being petrified of losing the end of my mum’s saree in a busy market was all worth it when mum put that amazing produce on my plate for dinner. Yummmm


Cliftonville Farmer’s Market was friendly (they threw an extra bit of veg in my bag), nicely spaced out and organised! We even managed to bump into a very very old acquaintance of my husband’s, who he hadn’t seen for years!


We picked some interesting mix of veg, pickles and cheeses. My husband was especially pleased to have placed an order for home milled organic wheat flour from a local Kent baker.


Looking forward to devouring the local produce. Wish Kent Farmer’s Market took place more than just once a month!

Do you like farmer’s market? What is your fondest memory associated with open markets?




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