Kids Say The Funniest Things….

Parenting is fun, sometimes!

When they start talking, they talk a lot. They say ‘NO’ for everything, that phase is then taken over by the phase of asking ‘why’ and subsequently they put you on a spot when they ask you questions about the birth, God and Santa Clause (or lack of a chimney in the house). But then there are times their curiosity along with their imagination and innocence produce the most hilarious questions or ideas ever.

Recently, we had two funny incidences.

We were in a bus in London, and a Muslim family boarded in. The females were wearing their traditional black burka and hijab.


Reuben who is seven whispered into my husbands ear,

‘Daddy, we have robbers travelling in this bus with us.‘ (I never thought of the Muslim attire that way before)


Another incident took place at the Notting Hill Carnival. We watched the parade go past and every participating group was grinding and whining as one can imagine. My very social kids were overwhelmed with the crowd, music and this outrageous form of dancing that they’d never witnessed before. I was wondering why weren’t they dancing or even smiling until…


Reuben nudged me to bend down and lend my ears for him to whisper something to me. And he said,

“Black people like SEXing a lot” (I think my kids thought I brought them to some orgy and not a festival where people danced, there was no dancing according to Reuben, just SEXing) ;p

It was thankfully only a statement and not a question, although I explained him that well it is a form of dance actually. But nevermind that!

What funny things do your kids say/said that have you in stitches? 



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