“I don’t have to tidy up today, it’s my birthday” – Irene Targett, on turning SIX!!

My memory of birthday party as a kid is being spoilt since morning! New clothes to wear, and good food to eat!  In the evenings, my parents would decorate the living room with ribbons, balloons and fairy lights!

My mum would make handmade burgers, and other tasty snacks for the guests, while dad would arrange for some ready made snacks like crisps, popcorns and sweeties of course! Cake was made to order and the process started almost a week ago – going to the bakery, picking a personalised design and placing the order!

When the guests arrived, we first cut the cake and that marked the start of the party. Cakes and snacks were distributed and my parents were in charge of games like pin the donkey’s tail, passing the parcel etc

Mind you, both of them were working parents!

So, what happened to the parents these days? When I came to England I was introduced to the new concept of birthday parties. They are called Jungle Jims here.  Jungle Jims are soft indoor play areas for children with a small cafeteria for the parents to enjoy a cuppa while keeping an eye on the kids. Today, parents hire these play areas for birthday parties! I love them, don’t get me wrong! They do all the work for you – food, gathering the kids together to cut the cake, distributing party bags, getting them all out on time and even tidying up! What is not to like?!

But what about mummy’s handmade snacks? What about the memory of watching your parents decorate the house for you and your friends? What about the anticipation of waiting for the friends to arrive at your own home while you are all dressed up pretty? Having friends over is such fun, and having them all together is even better, isn’t it?

I want my children to have those memories like I do. It is comforting! Kids that young may not remember the day itself, but there is something called a camera that captures moments to remember. And that is how I remember them and every time I look at them, something in my subconscious relates to the events on the images and makes my heart warm and peaceful!

I tried to encapsulate some moments from my daughter’s 6th birthday party. I hope she will cherish these memories! I know I will! 🙂





How do you celebrate your child’s birthday party? What are your best memories from your childhood birthday parties?


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