How to Have Sex After Having Children

Now that I am having married sex, I am allowed to talk about it publicly without my family or church having the right to say much other than raising their brows!

Having children is probably the most precious gift to a couple. But children often spoil the sexual rhythm in a couple’s life. Infants cry as you start nibbling on each others ears, toddlers keep constantly calling you as you proceed to second base and young children – on one infamous occasion – simply walk in through the door without a warning just as you are about to climax! Yes we all have been there!

Sex is a very important part of a successful relationship! It is not about how many times you do it but how good is the sex. How do you define good is up to you! But sometimes, it is great when you can just make love whenever you are super horny!

Before writing this blog, I tried reading online what people are suggesting about improving their sex life after children..

1) Have a scheduled time…

2) Have a consistent babysitter

3) Experimental sex without getting physical – dirty texts, pictures, chats etc

Now, I cannot plan to have sex at a certain time.   Although, there is a good understanding that it will have to happen either when the kids are out or asleep!

How can I get a babysitter at 3pm in the afternoon when I have only just realised I would like to savage my husband at 2.30pm? And dirty talks are good but sometimes you just want the real deal.

Basically, what parents struggle is with the lack of spontaneity. So, we have figured out a very simple way! And it works every single time……

This is the doorway to nirvana…

The knobs come off – DO NOT FIX THEM! Sometimes, broken stuff is a real blessing!


Take them both out….lock those interrupting children outside


Don’t be too noisy!!




6 thoughts on “How to Have Sex After Having Children

    • As I said it was a blessing in disguise! When we moved in to this old victorian house, we were terribly annoyed with all these knobs and bolts coming off its hinges…only until a few weeks ago when the discovery of privacy was made! 🙂 Thanks for reading…

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