Zesty chicken salad with homemade bread


After a long day’s bike riding and dog walking, I didn’t particularly feel like cooking a gourmet dinner but my body was craving for some meat and fresh salad.

With my homemade bread I made this morning, I thought an easy quick salad might make for my perfect dinner!

I know that ingredients like cucumber and cherry tomatoes aren’t really winter food favourites but the sun was shining today, and my craving was influence by the anticipation of spring…I suppose!

This crisp and fresh salad has a refreshing combination of ingredients that would not only give you culinary satisfaction but also provide you with some nutrients that your body needs. It can be easily used as a side dish or a main meal served with some bread or even zesty couscous.

Wrap it in a tortilla for lunch boxes or fill it up in a pitta bread for quick snack – Zesty chicken salad will serve you well!


For the chicken:

Chicken breasts



Black pepper

For the greens:



Cherry tomatoes


Bell pepper

For the dressing:

Finely chopped onions

Crushed garlic


Finely chopped basil leaves


Dijon mustard

Black pepper



Chop all the greens appropriately and set them aside in a bowl. In another bowl, make the dressing by mixing all the ingredients together.

Next, cut the chicken breasts into thin slices and marinate them with salt and pepper for about 10 mins or so. Then in a hot pan, heat up the oil and fry the chicken until cooked and golden brown. I like mine slightly crispy.

Place the greens on a serving bowl, add chicken on top. Add some dressing either on the side or on top. EAT!


To make it healthier, substitute mayonnaise with yogurt. Vegans can use tofu instead of chicken.

For a fruity flavour, add some pomegranate or grapes. Yumm!!


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