Breakfast Smoothie Anyone?

smoothie with reuben

Smoothie could’ve been pinker than his cheeks

If you are anything like me you struggle with breakfast every morning!

This smoothie recipe is perfect for your breakfast or any meal that you can’t be bothered with.

It is also good for post-school snack to keep you/kids going until supper is ready!

So, the sun showed up today and we got lost in one of our dog walking adventures! Obviously, we came home tired and totally parched! It was one of those moments when water just won’t do the trick.

Kids and I put together a few ingredients and this is what we came up with:


1 banana

Handful of mixed summer fruits (frozen)

Handful of oats

2 tbsp of yogurt

Splash of milk (soy/almond/cow)

Honey to taste


Put all ingredients together in a mixing bowl and blend it (I used the hand blender) or if you have one of those fancy smoothie makers, by all means use that. Add honey as per your preference. Blend and serve. Drink slowly, relish it (make sure not to get a brain freeze)!


If you don’t have frozen fruits, use any fresh fruits add a bit of ice. I am sure it would be perfectly fine without any frozen items too. It’s got fruits, yogurt, oats – what can really go wrong!


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