C’mon mother, it’s half-term holidays!!

Something kids look forward to and parents despair! Half-term holidays are here and we don’t know what or how can we keep the children entertained.

Key to looking after children is to understanding the dog psychology a little bit. The more they are excersized, the better they behave. Once mentally and physically stimulated, they keep themselves entertained indoors, speaking from experience!

So here are my top 5 things to do with your children this holiday in Margate :

1. Family fun tea dancing @Morgan’s Margate – 17th February, 2014

Morgan’s Margate is hosting a fun filled tea party for adults and children. Dress up, show off and enjoy some tea and cakes along with some dancing.

Children can have scones and cream, grown ups who wish to start early are allowed to have some sparkling Prosecco.

The tea party start at 2pm. If you cannot make it on Monday, they are running them throughout the week. So checkout their website for more details.

tea party

2. Pick n Paint a Pot – Tuesday, 18th February, 2014

Children love to mess about with colours and, oh how they like to often break crockeries! Here is a chance for your kids to pick a crockery of their choice from the shop and paint it. Something they can learn to look after, hang on the wall and show off. That should keep them busy and I am sure parents would love to dip in their fingers as well (in the name of supervising of course).

The workshop runs from morning 10.30am – 12pm.

pick n paint

3. Turner Contemporary – Colours and Shapes – 19th & 20th February

Cut paper’s legitimately, make a mess but see them turn into some abstract artwork in the style of  Helen Frankenthaler at Turner Contemporary’s art workshop.

The workshop runs from 1pm to 4 pm. No bookings required!

turner's event half term

4. Storytelling at Powell – Cotton Museum – through out the week

Over the years, I have realised that all kids enjoy stories. Whether you have a kid who likes to play with made up camp sites indoors, or a wiz kid constantly playing computer games or watching television. Traditional African stories never fail to grab your attention. Enjoy some African stories at the Powell – Cotton Museum in Quex Park, Birchington. Oh and there is also a surprise element, that is making masks (I would imagine inspired from the stories). So get in there!

The storytelling runs from 11am – 2pm.


5.  Amusements & Arcades

We tend to take something(s) that are sea-side staple for granted because we live here. It is like one of those things, ‘kids who live closest to the school arrive the latest’.

So, why not give our seasonally struggling Arcade’s a chance and let our children run riot for as little as couple of quid or more (up to you).


I know I said five, but how about spoiling the kids and yourself with a big, delicious and creamy ice-cream at Morelli’s Gelato in Broadstairs with some friends. If worried about cold, enjoy some hot chocolate. For almost over a year, I had no idea that you get a refill for your drinks at £1 each. How cool is that! So don’t miss out on a second lush, hot chocolate for £1.

There are many more things to do in Margate despite the bad weather. Here’s wishing everyone a very exciting and happy half-term holidays!


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