Independent Margate

Margate is booming, and it is quirky, colourful and full of energy. Gone are the days when it was a big old trash can in every sense of the word. We have artists moving down here from London, small businesses using Margate as a platform to establish themselves and there is quite a comical mix of different cultures, people and their interests.

So here are the top 5 things to do/ visit/ shop from a quaint little sea – side town of Margate in Kent . Every tourist must use this as a guide – so I say it myself!

1. Haeckel’s – Made of Margate

Dom Bridges provides a feast for your nostrils with the smell of seaweed. Founder and owner of Haeckle’s, Dom Bridges has discovered a variety of range of skincare and beauty products made out of mostly – seaweed. I love the idea of a seaweed perfume and a body cream without smelling fishy at all. 

“Haeckels is Margate’s own local premium organic seaweed skincare and treatment range made from hand-harvested wild seaweeds and other wholesome local natural ingredients, its not just made in Margate its made of Margate!”, Dom Bridges.


2. RG Scott Furniture Mart Margate

RG Scott is a grown ups treasure chest .  If you want to buy someone a present and don’t know what, then visit RG Scott’s and you will not come out empty handed, but maybe with an empty pocket. It is one of those unforgettable guilty pleasure trips!

This is one of the many must visit places in Margate!


3. Pop – up Margate

Pop- up Margate is exquisite little place located on the high st with 15 odd independent retailers selling their handmade and crafted products ranging from clothing, accessories, furniture to baby products etc under one roof. It is colourful, chic and inexpensive place to shop without becoming one of those “everyone’s got the same stuff”. Bet you won’t find these products anywhere else!

pop up margate

4. Shell Grotto

Do you like caves? Do you like shells? Most of all, can you spare an hour or so? If you don’t/can’t, you don’t deserve to be in here. It is a place to be devoured, to be explored, walked around in wonderment. Located in a rather odd corner of the town, Shell Grotto is an ornamental festival of Shell’s from inside. It looks like a cave dressed in jewellery made out of shells. There are various passageways and chambers full of mysterious shell mosaics. It is not like visiting a museum, it is an experience in itself!


5. Morgan’s Margate

Morgan’s Margate is a new vintage dance hall, that is always hosting live performances ranging from jazz to house music. They organise events that will make everyone dance, even those with two left feet. It is also a great venue for hen nights, birthday parties and even wedding receptions. They also run various dance classes during the week. They are busy!  It is one of those places that provides complete entertainment with food and drinks. If there is nothing else going on in town, go to Morgan’s, they will look after you!


From creative, mad like artists, shabby chic to daring explorers, Margate is for all but for the faint – hearted! You cannot just visit the place, you have to live the place. Proof is in the pudding, trust me!


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