Dallas Buyer’s Club

dallas buyer

Mathew McConaughey might be taking home the golden statuette at the Oscars next month for his remarkable performance in Dallas Buyer’s Club.

Inspired by a true story, Dallas Buyers Club is a zesty drama about HIV/Aids, Homophobia and FDA regulations. The film revolves around Ron Woodroof (Mathew McConaughey), a part-time rodeo and an electrician based in Texas. Woodroof is portrayed to indulge himself in all kinds of pleasures, slightly hedonistic in his thoughts. Yet, the rodeo side of him, forces him to show distaste towards homosexual’s almost homophobic.

Ron Woodroof, finds himself stigmatised socially, when his flu lands him in the hospital and he is diagnosed HIV positive. Based in 1985, people in those days believed that Aids was exclusive to only homosexuals and one only had 30 more days to live. In fear of death, Ron Woodroof tries to get hold of AZT, anti-viral medication which was still being trailed; and then smuggling some other alternative medication from Mexico which was not approved by the FDA but showed impressive results, and helped people survive Aids longer by building up their immune system.

During his fight, he makes an unlikely partnership with a HIV positive transsexual man, Rayon (Jarred Leto), who helped Woodroof set up the buyers club that was selling monthly membership, as a result of which the members would get illegal supplies of alternate medication for free. It was all a big scam but it helped many fight the virus. It was a fight of public v/s FDA whose major concern was that the alternate medication would do more harm than good.

The director Jean Mark Vallee successfully portrays Woodroof as a fighter and not a pathetic victim. He keeps the pace of the movie going by bringing out the fun in the victims.

Mathew McConaughey, as Woodroof is brilliant with his accent and flamboyance that suits him in Dallas Buyer Club more than in his previous performances in mediocre romcoms. Recently, with Magic Mike and The Paperboy, McConaughey has shown his acting skills develop immensely but his performance in Dallas Buyers Club is outstanding. Both Mathew and Leto, have delivered an award winning performances .

Dallas Buyers Club is a combination of a good script and impressive performances, making it a good four star film which doesn’t come by very often.


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