Fuerzabruta – A perfect valentine present!


I celebrated my valentine’s day a week in advance when my lovely valentine took me on a surprise visit to the Roadhouse for a heart-throbbing experience as it says on the poster’s of the show Fuerzabruta.

If you like circuses, raving and kafkaesque complexity running in your heart and mind – this show is for you!

As you go into the theatre, the standing audience is greeted by very upbeat Argentinian performers playing drums, singing and dancing noisily on the stage in a dark corner.

The crowd moves inwards and back and all around the theatre throughout the performances, driven by the movement of the show itself, as beautiful girls rollick above your head in a plastic pool like mermaids, creating beautiful ripples in their wafer thin tops and bikini bottoms – before starting to bang and stomp the plastic walls of the pool quite aggressively as the suspended pool descends down to head level (it made me think of the fishes in the aquariums, of how they must feel when people touch the glass).

The lights fade, and a highly vaunted man, clad in a white dinner jacket, walks and runs frantically on a giant treadmill that moves faster and faster, as he storms through brick walls; two girls crawl and then run on the billowing silver walls of the theatre, racing around the audiences calling out at the man in a chaotic manner making one feel quite anxious.

The mood segues to a more carnival like atmosphere with the performers dancing and getting the audiences to dance with them.

There is a fair share of audience participation as they get drenched slightly in rain, couple of audiences are put on harnesses up on the plastic sky to run and dance excitedly above the rest of the audiences and in the end all the performers who so far seemed quite unapproachable and were playing tease with the audiences come down right in the middle of the crowd dancing and making everyone dance on some tech-no/carnival like music.

With impressive visual effects and acrobatic stunts,  Fuerzabruta is indeed like a dream far away from reality, where everything is so chaotic and fast paced and none of it really makes any sense but there is motion and you just can’t help or wake yourself up from that dream. It is a dream worth living though!

The only criticism I have read so far is that it lacks a narrative, that’s true but then there is something called ABSTRACT! and why not?!

Fuerzabruta, was the best – selling show six years ago and is back to the Roadhouse after globe – trotting for 100 performance finishing on 2nd March, 2014. Grab your valentine and engage them for an hour and 15 minutes of absolute madness!!


For more info visit  http://www.roundhouse.org.uk/whats-on/2013/fuerzabruta/


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