Blood, Bones and Flesh!!


My dog loves it! He has an amazing coat, very calm temperament, and has managed to win himself a few rosette’s at a local charity dog show for his health, good looks and for being the best in the show. No this post isn’t about my dog at all but about what our dogs love the most – FOOD!

As popularly said, “We are a nation of dog-lovers.” And so we do everything possible to keep our best friends healthy and happy. Proper exercise, love and good diet is essential to keep a dog’s temperament and health tip top.

According to some research online, we spend about £411 per year on pet food, (but I am sure some of us spend more, especially the ones with multiple number of pets). Now that is a lot of money. I love my dogs and I like to see them enjoy their food as much as I enjoy mine. A dog would naturally find raw meat, bone etc more delicious than dry boring kibbles. But the dilemma is that, the kibbles promise to be complete food and we don’t have to worry about any lack of nutrition or added supplements. On the other hand though, raw diet is cheaper, more enjoyable and believe me or not if prepared properly much more healthier too, but it is hardwork chopping those vegetables, saving those left over rice for next day, defrosting frozen meat?! It is so easy to just buy a packet of dry food, shove a cup full on a bowl and offer it to your dog as if it is some gourmet recipe.

Now every time I tell people that my dog is on raw diet – some make faces, some judge and some I just can’t seem to convince that raw is much healthier, natural and cheaper way of feeding your pet especially dogs!

raw food

I feed Rustle raw food on a budget of less than £25 a month. Whereas when he was on dry kibbles only, I was paying about £60 to £80 a month. I mean if you are going to be lazy with dog food and you care enough for your dog you would prefer buying Iams or Hills Plan or the like than Pet Shop’s complete food. C’mon it’s human equivalent of ICELAND meat which I dare not eat! Yes call me a snob! I never buy horrendous value meat or poultry. So why should my dogs be treated badly, after all if they aren’t healthy, my bank balance won’t be healthy either with all those vet bills.

Anyhow, so I have rescued a new puppy. More about her in another post. And although she is on Iams at the moment, I am thinking of putting her on raw diet for her health reasons sooner than the shift I did for Rustle. To find inspiration and gain knowledge I often go back to reading this article below written by our Aunt Penny Taylor – who is an accomplished writer, owner of about 14 lurchers and ferrets. She loves taking her dogs out hunting and has some really good stories to tell. It is amazing to see this woman in total control of her 14 working dogs when out in the wild.

More about Penny and her book here:  Sky Publications. This book is very informative for novices who would like to consider raw diet. If not it also makes a good read for the ones who think raw diet is totally barmy and painstaking.

Here’s a chapter from her book that gives an insight into doggy health and benefits of feeding raw and negatives of feeding dry:


Let me know what do you feed your pet and what do you think of raw diet?


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