Pour Some Sugar On Me….

The song Pour Some Sugar On Me by Def Leppard (my teenage and dare I say all time favourite), for some might have some seductive motif to it, but I took it literally.

I braved the crisp winter so far by layering myself up but now it’s starting to make my skin tight and flaky – Yuck! It gets itchy and eventually sore.

So I made this body scrub to remove the dry skin and voila – it worked!

body scrub

Here’s the ingredients:

Muscovado Sugar (or any dark sugar, even white works just fine)

Table salt or sea salt

Baby Oil (I used the one with Aloe Vera as it smells nice – I am a fragrance freak)


Mix 1 part oil to every two parts of sugar and salt.

So I made my body/face scrub with 3 table spoon of Sugar and Salt Each. Then I mixed it well with 2 table spoon of baby oil.

Get into the hot bath or warm shower, then scrub all over including your face. Rinse it. Don’t use any soap. After coming out of the shower/bath simply moisturise yourself all over with the same baby oil (my choice) or any other lotion of your preference.

It works the first time. Try it and let me know what do you think.

It is cheap and easy. I use it every other day as my skin is very dry but one can increase the intervals as the skin starts feeling better. Ingredients are available almost all the time at home. Baby oil costs less than a £1. You can make a lot and preserve it in a jar for weeks.

It not only takes the dry skin off but also helps remove blackheads from your T-Zone leaving your face and body smooth like a baby.

And in reference to the song above, the end result of the scrub can be quite seductive to some too!


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