Love Lace – Review

Amanda Seyfried has BOOBS!! Ok, this movie isn’t about that but I bet you would think that! Anyhow..let’s go ahead with my review.

amanda linda

Dismissing a movie inspired by an autobiography or a true story has become fashionable today (or perhaps has always been) but if you ask me, calling Lovelace simply impressionable or less-achieved is smug.

lovelace cover

Lovelace (2013), is a biographical drama about a small town girl who was raised to always obey her husband, and her tale of how she ended up becoming the biggest porn star (Linda Lovelace) in the name of ‘obeying’ her abusive husband.

Linda Lovelace (Amanda Seyfried), is depicted as a young girl vulnerable to love and freedom. Chuck Traynor (Peter Sarsgaard), sweeps her off her feet and away from her parents. He charms her with his gentlemanly manners and ropes her into marrying him. In the name of ‘need of money’, he seeks help from his wife by turning her into a porn star. While Linda becomes the sensation of the biggest blue film The Deep Throat, she becomes more and more revolted with the idea of the industry but never could complaint without being abused by her husband.

Real Linda and Chuck

Real Linda and Chuck

real linda

Chuck Traynor who is her husband also acts as her manager in the movie, and abuses her in every way possible for some money and fame. He rapes her, beats her up, sells her body to some random men for a gang bang etc all against her will.

She tries to seek help from her mother, who only sends her back home to her abusive husband. It portrays the time when women were blamed for everything that happened to them. When confided to about the domestic violence, the mother of Lovelace asked , “What did you do?”

Real Linda with her family

Real Linda with her family

Eventually, Linda Lovelace is shown taking a lie-detector test to validate the autobiography she is trying to publish. She is also seen married to another man (happily) with a child of their own. Her book is released and she is at the threshold of what Linda is known for now – activism against domestic violence and porn industry.

One could argue that the movie has failed to dwelt into the depth of Linda Lovelace’s work in later life fighting for women-kind suffering from domestic violence, lack of confidence and porn industry. But honestly, it would take more than just an hour and half to do that.

As an audience, I can say that it did a good job in portraying the cultural backwardness towards women and patriarchal hierarchy. It also managed to develop enough curiosity in me to go out there and find out more about Linda’s later life as an activist.

Director Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman captured the whole allure of the 70’s very beautifully. The 70’s big curls, retro clothing and the thirst in people to break-free and explore.

Lovelace Cast

Lovelace Cast

Amanda Seyfriend, as against her previous movies, had a chance to do some real acting and I think her screen presence was let’s say, felt!  Her presence, infact almost over-powered that of her catholic mother, played by the Sharon Stone. Another of my personal favourite casting was of Chris Noth, who plays the character of Anthony Romano, the producer of the sensational movie The Deep Throat. Chris Noth from Sex and the City and The Good Wife has always been shown to have this scary charisma and an eye for pretty women. I think to see him as a producer of porn movies is only a compliment to him from my perspective.

All in all, I would say that the movie is worth a watch. I would suggest leaving the feminist in you at home!


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