The Royal Duke of Broadstairs….


Meet the ever so lovely Poetry Pleasence and her two pooches – giant gentle Duke and his big brother Sampson.

I remember meeting Duke, who is a 1 year old great dane, when he was only a few months old, and my pup Rustle went running up to him trying to reach his mouth to lick him of course. And , they ended up having a good old play.

Poetry, 17 told me that Duke wasn’t allowed to climb steps because his limbs might suffer as he grows older. As soon as she said that, “Mad dog lady” alert popped up in my head. So I chased her a bit more and have finally understood Duke’s whole story and I am guilty of being judgemental.


Duke suffers from arthritis and hip dysplasia. Apparently, hip dysplasia and arthritis  is very painful, but for Duke it is the way of life. Turns out he was born with it. Hence, one would never be able to tell that he is probably in acute pain, when they look at the very playful and attention seeking Duke playing around or rubbing himself incessantly against your nice expensive jacket, moulting all over.

Now of course, when one has a pooch with such defects, the obvious question that comes to the mind is “puppy mill/farm?”


Dog lover Poetry had Sampson, the ever so handsome 18 months old Weimaraner, her pride and joy who is as healthy as healthy can be and has recently fathered a litter. He is absolutely stable and calm. To keep him company and for the love of great dane, Poetry went on the internet and looked for pups on Pre-loved. There she came across a litter where Duke was up for mere £250. It looked dodgy and upon visit, she saw the state of the kennel and had an instant sympathy to rescue the poor little Duke. Now the breeder, who I would rather refer to as the dealer, showed kennel club papers etc (which could have quite possibly been fake as done very commonly). Having been aware of all this, Poetry couldn’t resist saving Duke’s life and she has been fighting for his life ever since, even though doctors have on occasions suggested otherwise.


Poetry strongly suggests people to be very careful where they get their dogs from. Poetry doesn’t regret having Duke and wouldn’t change anything about the way she got him. But, she did enunciate that, “Do not fall for Kennel Club registrations. They do not mean anything. Visit the breeder, the parent dogs and meet the puppy a few times before you actually decide to bring them home. I couldn’t have been able to tell about Duke’s health earlier anyway as his symptoms were not obvious, any dog can have such defects but the state of the dogs lifestyle and hygiene was appalling and no animal should be living in such a state – healthy or not.”

As we all know, there is a lot of backyard breeding and dealing of puppies from the puppy farm. Brave and bright Poetry has all my respect for doing what she did as a seventeen year old, but as educated and aware citizens we do need to make sure we report such kennels and people who are into dodgy dealings and try and bring this to an end.

It was great to meet both Sampson and Duke along with Poetry, who has never had it easy. Dogs do act as a social bridge and help one know people better. Poetry is a hero, not only for rescuing Duke and fighting for Duke ( it didn’t look easy to walk and play with Duke who is taller than I am when he tries to jump up to “hug”), but for becoming the person that she is despite her tough past.

Pretty Poetry Pleasence(I love her name), was abandoned by her parents at a very young age of about 2 years old. She has never seen her mother since or father and has been raised her by grandmother (maternal). She has two other half- siblings. Despite her past, she has huge respect for the concept of “parents” and till date holds on to the respect for her father who she has never really met.


True to her name, Poetry is  very pleasant, strikingly pretty, clever and has a very big heart! She grew up with a lot of dogs around her and she has every intention to keep that going for as long as she can.

When asked if she was seeing someone, she said, “My life has changed because of Duke. I cannot really trust anybody with Duke and hence I am bound indoors most of the time. Duke’s medicine, making sure the carpet is laid flat on the stairs so that Duke can avoid climbing them as much, being there for him if he has a fall and making sure he is doing alright takes up a lot of time and energy. I don’t get to go out much or have time for others.”

Well, I take that as a NO. So well boys out there, keep an eye for the gorgeous woman named Poetry with black and white patchy Duke and blueish grey Weimaraner. Good luck, if you can get close to her as her pooches are always on guard!!

P.S: Poetry brought Duke from someone called Carol J Roper from Shropshire. So please beware of that name and place perhaps.


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