Local Heroes and Champs

As a daily dog walker, I meet a lot of people. And I am fascinated, how many people know me and how many friends I have made over the past two years, only because of my dog.

When you have a cute little friendly puppy, everybody wants to stop and stroke your puppy. When the puppy grows bigger, yet acts friendly and appears calm (especially a staffie), everybody wants to stop and tell you what a great job you have done.

Every morning, you meet several people, and the most grumpiest of grumpy people like me are forced to talk to the fellow dog walkers. I mean how can you just stand next to the person with whose dog your puppy starts playing. Can you really tell them, “please don’t talk to me, I am here just for the dog.” So you can’t and hence, I never did. I am as friendly as my dog to be honest; and although grumpy in the morning, I have managed to alter that behaviour, all thanks to the dog.

I now know, that Peggy’s owner had a hip replacement surgery, Rosie’s female owner is paranoid of staffies, and Harvey and Twizzle’s owners are going to be my bridesmaids.

Some of them have become good friends and some others, who are they really? They smiles at me outside the supermarket, they talk to my children on the street, they tell me their deepest secrets but I really don’t know theirs names. We tend to know people by their pets name.

So through this segment of my blog, I have decided to get to know people more. Talk about local rescue stories, identify local heroes who help animals and champion dogs who have survived some terrible monstrosity imposed by human beings; and try to make an acquaintance with as many animal lovers as possible. I am sure they all have a story to tell. And what better way than through your beloved pet.

So keep your eyes peeled out as this segment will be talking about the dogs that you may know or stories you may relate to. Stay tuned.



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