Date Night

Married or not, date night is for all! And as we all know, dressing up for it is the most essential part of it, especially for girls. Voices in My head tells you how….

Style with Substance

Date Night

When it comes to date nights; I really like to keep it classic and simple. Less is really more (now, don’t get any naughty ideas ;)).

Date Night

Simplicity as they say is the ultimate sophistication and as my man says too many details (or make-up) can be a man-repellent.

Date Night

Date Night

Dress: Debenhams, Booties: Asos, Earrings: India, Bangles: Various, Clutch: India, On my lips: Bodyshop Ruby Red

I always opt for dresses because nothing beats a well-cut dress. I also go for simple accessories making sure the dress remains the focus. So, tell me how would you like to dress for date nights? And do you’ve a favourite garment that you always don during your date night?

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