Geeky Slutty Punk – Chic !!

The winter is nearly here, almost! And..I am about to do what this blog wasn’t quite supposed to represent – write a beauty and fashion post – hawww!!!

When I moved to England, I embraced winter like a polar bear would. Having come from the heat of India, winter in England seemed soothing to my skin. After three years and a few months later, I might have a change of heart. One of the biggest reason I don’t like winter is because, all the colours and beauty is often hidden under a dark jacket. There is no opportunity to dress up well and show off.

This year I have decided to glam up the winter. And so far in my collection are a nice new ‘snood’, a new pair of ginormous glasses and two new shades of lipsticks.

Collection launched it’s new range of lipsticks and nail polishes called Gothic Glam in Superdrugs. I am a huge fan of Collection cosmetics, they are affordable and quality good enough for the price.

Photo on 01-11-2013 at 10.55

I got myself two new shades, one of which is a deep purple/red colour lipstick called Number 3 Revenge. When I first tried the tester, I wasn’t quite sure as I have never tried such a dark colour before. But the fear of being daring is what ends up making one look outrageously drab. Hence, I decided to take the plunge and soak my lips in luscious dark purply red shade. Don’t worry it isn’t all that punky but is certainly sexy.  And I think it looks good and feels good too. I would recommend a good dose of lip-balm every now and then as dark shades often tend to suck the moisture out of your lips.

revenge 3

The second shade I brought is Number 2 Seduction in Red. It is bright cherry red with a hint of pink in it. I personally despite the sight of pink, but this is just right. I don’t have a picture of myself wearing it but here is what it looks like. I think I have finally found my Red lipstick. Umm, of course after the Dior range that has some beautiful shades of Red (but collection is more for day-to-day use ). They also do a third shade called Scorned – which is Punk chic purple – almost black. I am not that brave yet. Nice shade for halloween!


Finally, my new love, my passion for the huge ginormous glasses. This one is from Boss Orange, costed me a fortune £149 and it goes all dark in bright sunshine so basically it doubles up for sun-glasses. Cool! Oh, and my new snood – cheap as chips £3 from Primark. It is inexpensive, one could get a few different colours, team it up with bright coloured succulent looking lips and you can’t go wrong with the geeky slutty ginormous glasses.

new glasses

I like to call them geeky slutty, but I am sure some would simply call it funny!! I prefer the former, of course 🙂 Don’t forget to pout. That is a MUST!


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