Breathe In 2013…….Movie Review

Breathe In

Breathe In

Are you having a mid-life crisis? Are you also hosting a cute foreign student with a dashing English accent living in your house? If the answer is yes, you have just won a film that you might relate to.

Breathe In (2013) ,  is a movie about a man who is incredibly frustrated with his teaching job, his sarcastic wife and squeaky swimming champion teenage daughter. He seeks love and solace in the arms of an English teenager (exactly the age of his daughter – yuck!) who comes to stay with his family as an exchange student.

Directed by Drake Doremus, I would say that the movie was well-made. I especially enjoyed the crisp editing and the screenplay. In the beginning of the movie, there is a family scene playing Jinga and I have to say that the camera work and performances together engaged me so much that it gave me a thrill of anticipation and made me go, “ohhh nooo….”, when it did eventually fall. That was a MOMENT for me. But then, that was the only moment!

I rented out this dvd because it had a good cast. Also, the storyline reminded me of the film American Beauty. Guy Pearce  played the music teacher who finds himself besotted by this English teenager with smokey eyes. I could tell that his performance was smooth as I could see Ed sympathise with him a LOT – worried me a little! The director of the movie seems to enjoy working with Felicity Jones, who played the not-so-innocent exchange student. And Amy Ryan played the “I have spent my entire life for the family and so my husband MUST have no opinion or interests” frustrated menopausal housewife, who finds it hard not to interrupt her husband or even demean him without any intention.

Breathe in wasn’t fantastic but if you feel like watching love-story drama, this film is worth a shot, just ONE!

Will I watch it again – NO!

Do I remember any dialogues – NO!

Do I sympathise with any characters – Not really!

Personally, I am anti “I am bored of my job, and so I will have an affair with this girl same age as my daughter who is eating what my wife is cooking for her and sharing bedroom with my little daughter.” I find it slightly disgusting, although the idea of love has no boundaries sounds very romantic.


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